July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We love P-Day! Elder Coletti's First Letter to Tony

Nimen Hao! (hello you all)

Right now the MTC is unbelievable!  The first two days were so tough because they just threw us in and it was a little bit overwhelming.  However, the third day we taught our first investigator which was BANG! (AWESOME) Her name is Xiang Lu Ying and she knows nothing about our religion.  So me and my companion, Elder Miller, taught her about God and the power of prayer.  She spoke Chinese the entire time and I honestly had no idea what she was saying!  However, the Spirit spoke to us and we understood a lot more than we even should have!  The lesson went great!  Our next one is Tuesday where we are going to teach her about the Plan of Salvation with the kit Sister Jenkins gave me.  My favorite part of the mission so far is my district.  They are all fun young men who have very strong testimonies.  I have seen a bunch of friends such as Noa Taeatafa, Addison Wells, Makord Larsen, Landon Munson and a bunch of other kids from high school.  My companion is amazing!  He is almost fluent in Chinese from the first day!  He has taught me a lot of Chinese! I know a lot more now because of him. 

Elder Coletti with his new companion Elder Miller

Our branch president is President Teng.  He grew up in Taiwan and is a convert.  He speaks both Chinese and English fluently.  Our Branch has some of the nicest and funniest young men and women.  Honestly I have yet to meet a missionary I do not like!  Please let me know what is going on at home.  I don't want to go two years without hearing what is going on at home.  Trust me, I really can't get sad ;).   Sounds like a great week for the three of you.  I forgot to bring my camera to write this email so i can't send pics this week.  I'll send them next week for sure.  I only have an hour to write emails so if i can't get the group email forgive me!  I'll  plan better next week.  Still trying to get accustomed to everything here.  I love you all and will talk to you next week!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Zai jian (see you later)

Elder Coletti and his district.

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