July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What is your VISION for 2016?!

Elder Coletti's Letter 12/28/2015 Week 23

Quick email this week:
Merry Christmas to everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I love you all so much!  Christmas in Taiwan is completely different than in America.  Not as many people take it as serious or think of it as a big deal.  This week my Zone Leader, Elder Casper, started talking to me about a Mission Vision.  He asked me what I wanted to accomplish while I was on my mission.  I honestly didn't know how to answer!  I had never really thought about it.  I just gave him the cliche answers like losing myself in the work, and changing the flaws in me, but it really got me thinking.  This is my challenge for everyone.  Write down a vision of what you want to be and accomplish in your life.  You can break it down into where you want to be in your life in 5, 10, 20 years from now and so on, and so forth.  I promise that if you have a vision for yourself, and then make goals in order to accomplish this vision, you will be blessed!  Pray to our Heavenly Father, and ask him for help with inspiring your vision and for his help as you set appropriate goals. I'm still working on my vision, but just pondering about it has changed, not only the way I think of my mission, but also what I want to accomplish in my life.  I love you all so much it is ridiculous!  Merry Christmas!  New Years is coming up!  Time to make those New Year's Resolutions!;)
Elder Coletti

Taiwan, Taipei Mission Christmas Conference

Be sure to check this wonderful video of the Taiwan, Taipei Mission Christmas Conference 2015. 
Look for Elder Coletti doing the HAKA!

Christmas Skype!

We were able to Skype with Elder Coletti tonight! Joey is healthy, happy and just glowing! Absolutely loves his mission! The chance to see Joey's face and hear his voice is the best Christmas gift ever! Our hearts our bursting with gratitude. Missions are awesome! This little boy is now becoming a man and we couldn't be prouder!


Elder Coletti's Letter Dec. 20, 2015 Week 22

This has been a crazy week!  Transfers were this week and everyone in my area thought that I was going to be the one of the four missionaries staying in SanXia.  HA!  Ya right!  We received a call Tuesday night from the Zone Leaders telling us that Elder McClellen (who just finished his mission), Elder Scovel, and Elder Coletti were moving out.  We were all stunned!  We go to the Transfer meeting on Thursday to find out where everyone in the mission is going.  Transfer meetings in Taiwan aren't the same as in other missions.  We go to a church and the 1st floor is dedicated for church/reverant activities and the 3rd floor is dedicated to any kind of activities. While the transfer meeting is going on......it is very loud and crazy!  Just imagine over 100 missionaries freaking out about where they are going and where their friends and previous companions are going.  It was super fun!  During the transfer meeting, my face appears on the big screen next to my new companion, Elder Crawford!  Elder Crawford is so awesome!!  He is one of the kindest people I have ever met!  He is very different from Elder Scovel, although both are great missionaries.  I'm super excited to be serving with Elder Crawford.  We will be serving in Meilun, which is part of Hualien.  Hualien is not in Taipei so I will be leaving the main city!  Hualien is on the east coast of Taiwan.  It is as close to the Pacific Ocean as you can get!  Where I am staying, it is only a 10 minute bike ride to the beach! Hualien is absolutley GORGEOUS! It is notorious around the mission for being the PRETTIEST area in all of Taiwan.  There are a lot of jungles, big tropical trees, and mountains, etc. I'm so happy to be serving here.  When I first heard that I was going to be moving, I was pretty sad. I was not mad at all, but just nervous for change.  We, Elder Scovel and I, had so many investigators that we loved so very much and since we were both leaving, we were worried about them and their progression.  That  night I prayed to my Heavenly Father.  While I was praying I received a confirmation that this was the right thing for me to be doing.  I know that without a doubt SanXia will be in good hands with the new missionaries coming in.  It was about a 3 hour train ride to Hualien.  When I stepped off the train......there was something about the air there.  I was breathing in almost what felt liked satisfaction and anticipation for the next few months I will be serving here.  I know, without a doubt, that God has called me to serve in this area for a specific reason.  This leads me into what I talked about last week on that everything happens for a reason.  I have no idea why I am going to Hualien or why I left SanXia, but I do know that my trust is in the Lord.  Whatever happens is for a specific reason and I will trust his judgement. 
I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your amazing examples and support.  Christmas is this coming week and I cannot express how excited I am.  Christmas is the holiday for giving. The time for giving a little bit of yourself in order to see the HUGE smile on other's faces. Why only have this giving spirit during Christmas?  Why only give presents, candy, happiness and service during the Christmas holidays?  Christmas represents our Savior and everything that he gave to us.  However, Christ didn't give only once or so a year.  He gave every second of his life and he freely gave. As I have been a missionary serving other, I have noticed how much I have kept to myself throughout my childhood, how I would rather make myself happy than make others happy and how selfish I have been. The whole point of Christ's gospel is to help others.  We should find joy in making other people happy and helping other people find their purpose in life.  But.... why only have one day a year dedicated to being like Christ and having that "Christmas Spirit".  Is Christ's gospel only a one day thing?  No, not at all.  It is because of Jesus Christ, we can become different at any time and at any place or point in our life.  Jesus didn't care who you were, he was going to give of himself to you.  I want to invite everyone to give of themselves everyday.  Everday should be Christmas. Everyday should be an opportunity to have that "Christmas Spirit", and to help change someone's life.  Radiate that "Christmas Spirit" all year long.  From January 1 to December 31, give of yourself.  Make someone happy. Make a difference.
Merry Christmas!  Make everyday, your best day:)
Elder Coletti

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pengyou or FRIENDS! and NOTICING

Elder Coletti's Letter 12/14/2015 Week 21:

Tuesday Dec. 8, 2015:
Funny story! Elder Scovel and I went to meet with one of our investigators named Gao DiXiong.  I forgot if I have mentioned him before but, he is amazing!  The way we initially found him is an absolute miracle!  We were originally looking for a lady and we couldn't find her. We decided to just start randomly buzzing doorbells.  Gao DiXiong ended up answering one of the doors we buzzed and let us into his house!  He was about 70 years old and looked pretty grumpy.  I was kind of freaking out!  He just lets complete strangers into his house? Who does that? I guess in Taiwan it is normal, but I was still a little bit confused!  It turns out he could hardly speak any Chinese, let alone gospel Chinese (which is pretty complicated to understand).  He only spoke Taiwanese. When we came back another day he was telling us about how he has no friends and he let us in because he wanted to become friends.  Now, every time we go over to his house he just starts to laugh and screams, "朋友 (Pengyou=Friends!)" and then he gives us these giant hugs!  We gave him a Book of Mormon, which at first he said he couldn't read. The next day when we came over he had read all the way to 1 Nephi 19!  He told us how he found his glasses so now he can read!  He was trying to tell us at first that he physically couldn't read.  It was not because he didn't know how to or he didn't want to, but because he couldn't see without his glasses! HAHA:) Sorry I'm going off on Gao DiXiong for a little bit. I just really love him:) We were teaching Gao DiXiong the Plan of Salvation.  It is really hard to teach him because he doesn't understand gospel Chinese, so we brought a member who is fluent in Taiwanese!  We were teaching him and going through the entire lesson with a member translating in Taiwanese so that he could understand. We gave him a mini Plan of Salvation kit to piece it together.  We asked him to do it and he basically just says, "Psh, too easy!"  He starts putting the Plan of Salvation pieces together and it is in this order:  Pre-Earth Life, Spirit World, Earth Life, Birth, Resurrection, Death, Judgement, and then Kingdoms of Glory.  He looks up at us and says, "對不對(duibudui=am I right?!)."  We just look at him and say, "Umm... Close.. but you are born before you come to earth, not after. hahaha!  I love him:)

When missionaries say that time flies in the mission field, they really aren't lying.  It flies! I still remember my first day in the field in San Xia.  I kept asking myself..... what I have gotten myself into?!  What am I even doing here?! How did I get here?! It is now 2 and a half months later and I am still here!  This is the last week before my training with Elder Scovel ends.  We haven't heard any details yet, but I have a feeling that I will be staying in SanXia. Elder Scovel was in SanXia for two transfers before I came.  Elder Scovel has been an amazing "Dad" to me!  He has taught me so much about what it takes to be a successful missionary.  Elder Scovel just recently (Nov. 21) hit his year mark! He is still a really young missionary and I know I will still be seeing my "Dad" around in the future.:) One of my favorite things that Elder Scovel has taught me is that in the mission field, everything happens for a reason.  A certain missionary will get put with a certain companion in a certain area for a certain reason.  I know, without a doubt, that President Jergensen is receiving direct revelation from God on how he should handle each and every transfer, on what each and every individual missionary is in need of and what needs to be done in order to hasten the work in Taiwan.  When Elder Scovel told me this, I started to think about everything that has happened to me here in the mission field.  I've been pondering how we met certain investigators, certain district meetings I attended,  certain sacraments, etc.  Everything has significance in the grand scheme of things. I think that Elder Scovel's wisdom can be used by everybody!  Think about certain people you talk to everyday, certain situations that you find yourself in throughout the day and certain experiences that you have.Then after NOTICING (and I capitalize noticing because part of realizing and recognizing all of the wonderful blessings and miracles that happen in our lives daily is we have to notice),  think about the significance of it in your life.  Think about where you are in your life right now and think about how you got there. Everything happens for a reason and I promise that if we start noticing and recognizing the Lord's hand in our lives, we will be blessed by our Heavenly Father. He truly does loves each and every one of us individually and blesses us more than we can ever comprehend.  He helps us everyday and is constantly with us.  Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives.  Always remember that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He blessed us yesterday, he will bless us today, and he will bless us forever.

I love you all so much!  Christmas is almost here and now is a perfect time to start noticing Heavenly Father's hand in our lives and recognizing all of the beautiful blessings we have.
Have a wonderful Christmas season!  加油!  聖誕節快樂!

Elder Coletti

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Stranger Danger......

Elder Coletti's Letter 12/07/2015 Week 20
This week was super insane!  The life of a missionary is never the same and that is one of the things that I absolutely love about it!  Friday and Saturday were absolutely awsome!  I'm only going to talk about these two days because of time and because of significance!  

Friday Dec. 4, 2015:  
To start off the day we had a member pay for our lunch.  We went to an all you can eat meat place, basically like Rodizio Grill.  The only difference was we get to cook the meat!  After that Elder Scovel and I took a 30 minute bike ride up to the mountains to meet with Lu mama.  She was the one took us to lunch and she felt bad that she only fed us meat.  She wanted us to eat healthy as well. She invited us to her house in the mountains.  She has a farm and so we helped her farm for a little bit!  It was super fun!  Then she gave us a bunch of vegetables so that we can become healthy haha!  We rode our bikes back to SanXia and met with this family we met through English Class.  We taught them the first lesson which went really well!!  The highlight of that lesson though was their dog!  It is the cutest dog in the world and it reminded me of my dog Max!  He was just a super cute dog that just wanted to play the whole time!

Saturday Dec. 5, 2015:
Today we experienced an absolute miracle!  Everyday is a miracle! I want everyone to remember that everyday is a gift from God and we should cherish it, but today was a more miraculous miracle!  We were walking to the house of a less actives member, when all of a sudden a car pulls up in front of us.  He asks us where we are going and we tell him to meet with a friend.  He tells us that he'll give us a ride!  I know in America, this would be a total "STRANGER DANGER" kind of a thing, but in Taiwan it is totally normal to give random people rides and to walk into stranger's houses.  So, we hopped into his car and we start talking to him.  It turns out that this man's best friend had died the previous day.  He was telling us that he felt like giving service and helping others today.  He told us that he could tell, just by looking at us, that we are good people.  He then starting talking about how he doesn't understand why there is so much animosity between other religions in the world.  We are all children of God.  It doesn't matter if we are black, yellow, or white!  It doesn't matter if we are Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu.  We are all children of God and we need to love each other for who we are, not for who we aren't.  Elder Scovel and I started telling him that he was exactly right and that God loves us all.  We ended saying thank you friend.  He looked at us and said, "First I let you into my car.  We are now friends.  Then you treated me with respect.  We are now best friends.  Lastly you comforted me when I needed comfort.  Now we are family."  This guy is so awesome!  Afterwards, I looked at Elder Scovel and said, "I thought we were supposed to find people?  What happens when they find us?"  He simply replied, "That's when miracles happen!"

This week was an amazing week!  I've been trying to enjoy everyday and treat it as a gift from God.  A gift for us to forget what happened to us yesterday and to become better today.  Stop worrying about what happened to us in the past.  God's greatest gift for us is the Atonement.  It allows us to overcome what happened to us in the past and to become better in the future.  Like the investigator above said, love one another.  We are all family.  If a man in Taiwan can recognize this, then I know everyone can!  I invite everyone to start enjoying everyday.  Don't look at the negative of what didn't happen, but rather what did happen, and possibly why it happened. Then think about love because in life love is key.  Love one another and enjoy one another because in the end we are all family.  Treat anybody as you would family.  I love you all so very much!!!  Thank you for always supporting me.  It's almost Christmas time!  Time to start preparing for the festivities, but at the same time, don't forget the real purpose of Christmas....Christ.

 我愛你們(I love you all)!!
 一個大家庭(One Big Family)!

Elder Coletti

PRO: Pray.Read.Obey

This week was a blast! Each week seems to get better and better here in Taiwan!

Tuesday Nov. 24, 2015:  
 Elder Stevensen, the new member of the Quorum of the Twelve, came to Taiwan and talked to all of the missionaries!  He was here in Taiwan to pick up his son who is serving in Taizhong and is just about done with his mission.  While he is was here, he was able to talk to us, which was AWESOME!  The thing that stuck out the most to me from his talk was about becoming a PRO disciple of God.  In order to become a PRO we need to Pray, Read, and Obey.  It is as simple as that and miracles can happen.  I have been focusing on this principal all week and I can already tell a huge difference!  Pray and put all of your trust in the Lord.  Only then can miracles really happen.  Read in order to more fully understand the gospel of Christ and how we can all apply it to our lives.  Obey in order to truly receive blessings.  God gives us laws/commandments in order to bless us.  If only we will obey, we will be blessed. It really is as simple as that.

Wednesday Nov. 25, 2015:
Funny story!  It was absolutely pouring rain this day!  It was probably the most it has rained since I have been in Taiwan. Elder Scovel and I were biking to the English class we teach, when all of a sudden, Elder Scovel slows down.  So just instinctively, I squeeze the front brakes on my bike.  And...well.... I got tossed! Hahaha:)  The  bike slipped on the sidewalk, and I flew forward.  I fell on to the wet pavement and ended up sliding like 5 yards!  I put my hands in the air so I wouldn't get scratched up or anything.  I slid right in front of Elder Scovel's bike and he shouts, "SAFE!!"  Super funny!  No harm or injury but I felt like Superman for a second and it was super fun! Haha

Thursday Nov. 26, 2015:  
Happy Thanksgiving!  No turkey for us here in Taiwan.  To celebrate thanksgiving, the SanXia Elders decided to go to Shabu Shabu which is basically an all you can eat hot pot place!  Super tasty!  I think I have fallen in love with hot pot.  They are my best friend nowadays.;)

Friday Nov. 27, 2015: 
Elder Brandley and I went to the temple today to help out with baptism's for the dead!  It was so awesome! We began with confirmations. They didn't have pinyin and we couldn't read all of the Chinese characters, so we ended up doing the confirmation in English which was pretty cool for the Taiwanese people we were confirming!  After confirmations, I went and helped in the baptistery.  I helped the person who slides down the names for the person preforming the baptisms to read. I would check off the each name after they were baptized.  It was crazy!  The person who asked me to help him out just starting whisper shouting (not really) at me in Chinese and I totally panicked! It was quite humorous, but  I ended up figuring it out and didn't ruin anybody's salvation.;)

Sunday Nov. 29, 2015:  
Church is so awesome!  The members are just amazing here and I love them. There is this one member whose name is Lu mama.  She pulled out her phone and got onto Facebook.  She asked me who my mom was and so I told her.  Then she started messaging her!  She started telling me to pose for pictures that she could send to my mom.  I was just laughing this whole time!  She is super funny!    On our way back from church, Elder Scovel and I were sitting on the bus.  All of a sudden there came this lady.  She was probably drunk, and Elder Scovel told me he has seen her before and said that she is a little bit crazy.  The entire 30 minute bus ride she was standing right next to me staring at Elder Scovel.  She was standing really close and encroaching into my personal space.  She was touching me this whole time! She all of a sudden says that she was going to go now, and then she just fell on me!  No bus bump or anything...weird.  I helped her up and then helped/ pushed her off of me in a gentle manner.  She left and Elder Scovel asked me if she just fell on me.  And I simply responded, "Wouldn't be the first time someone fell for me.";) Hahaha

I love you all so much!  There are lots or reasons and motivations behind why I want to serve a mission, but every single one of you is a big reason behind why I am serving. You all motivate me to be a better person and to share the love I have for the gospel. I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving full of turkey, thanks, and more turkey;)  My challenge this week refers back to Elder Stevensen's talk.   I want everyone to become a PRO disciple of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Think about if you are doing what it takes to become a PRO.  Continue to Pray, Read, and Obey, and I promise you will all be blessed!  Thank you all for the kind words!  

你們都是真棒!  我愛你們!

Elder Coletti

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Elder Coletti 11/22/2015 Week 18
This week was one the best weeks of my life!  Honestly it was so crazy and all over the place, but I loved every second of it.
Monday Nov. 16, 2015:
P-Day: We went on an exchange. Elder Brandley and Elder Scovel had to go to the Bu to handle some personal matters, so me and Elder McClellan went to an underground mall place!  It was super cool! We ate an ice cream sundae that was bigger than my face!  It took 3 of us to eat it and there was still some left! The APs decided to sleep at our house because they had some stuff they needed to get done in SanXia.  We ended up having 6 people trying to sleep in a 2 person apartment. It was super funny.  I ended up sleep walking (surprise, surprise) and basically smacked Elder Huntsman (one of the APs) and then passed out! Hysterical!

Wednesday Nov. 18, 2015:  
Elder Scovel and I had a lesson with some new investigators called the Zheng Jia Ting family.  They are so funny!  Honestly, trying to teach them is just an adventure! They have a cute son that is autistic. The dad is partially deaf and we have to shout in Chinese when we teach him. The mom has a lazy eye and it kind of just freaks me out! They could not believe that we actually believed in Christ!  They started asking us if we even believe in Christmas!!  They said: "If you believe in Christmas, then when do you celebrate it?"  It totally reminded me of the scene in the movie Elf when he asks Santa:  "If your Santa, what did I sing to you on your birthday?"  Super funny!  They are such a cute family and I really enjoyed teaching them.  After we said the closing prayer with them, the little autistic son started to cry and he ran up to me and Elder Scovel and gave us a big hug.  It was very heartwarming.
Friday Nov. 20, 2015:  
Elder Scovel got pretty sick, so we had to stay inside.  I decided to start calling people and trying to set up appointments with them.  Wow, that was crazy! Most of the time I didn't understand a word that they were saying!  I decided to call the people that I knew I could understand.  I decided to call Michael Jackson! He is awesome.  I don't have pictures with him yet  because we didn't meet with him this week. I called him and he said that he couldn't meet with us today.  He said: "Sorry, but  I am helping the children because they are the hope of this world to make it a better place."  He is the best and just makes me smile.  I really want to get a picture with him.  I will at some point!
This week really was crazy.  A lot of stuff was seemed to be happening and changing.  Starting with the APs coming to do an Exchange with the ZLs, to an exchange with Elder Brandley! It was crazy, but super fun.  I've learned to have a good attitude in everything you do.  Out of everything you put on today, the most important thing is your smile.  This week I was just enjoying all of the little things and trying to make the most fun out of every opportunity that came upon me.  It really made a difference and made this week one of my favorite!  Nothing monumental happened that made this week special, but rather I made the most of every opportunity and I did it with a smile.  I want to invite everyone to put on that smile!  Make the most out of everything that happens.  I know that it will change your lives forever!!
Also, Thanksgiving is coming up!  We won't celebrate it here in Taiwan (haha), but my peeps in America will be!  Here is my challenge:  Make a list of 20 things that you are grateful for. Try to think of the people that you are grateful for and tell them that you are grateful for whatever they have done in your lives.  Here on my mission, there are a lot of times that we tell people that we love them.  That is kind of the premise of mission work.....Love.  A lot of the time we tell people we love them, but we don't say WHY.  It's easy to say that you love someone, but the true love comes when you have a why to it.  So, I invite everyone to not only tell someone that you love them and that you are grateful for them, but also tell them why.  Go out of your way to make someones day.
I love you all so much!!  Thank you for all of the support!  Happy Thankgiving!!  Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Elder Coletti


The "Taiwan" diet

The "Taiwan" diet seems to be working for Elder Coletti.  Our missionary is melting!  The first picture was in July and the second was in November.


Elder Coletti 11/15/2015 Week 17
This was a fairly decent week!;)  I got over my food poisoning, so that was nice!:)   We indeed had some funny experiences this week!


Tuesday Nov 10, 2015:  
We went finding for a couple of hours and it was awesome!  We went to this apartment building and in the front of the apartment building they have this doorbell thing that Elder Scovel and I started to ring.  Each doorbell leads to a room in the apartment.  The very first doorbell we ring, the door to the apartment opens and out comes an old Taiwanese man.  He just looks at us and laughs.  When he laughs, his whole body just shakes!  It's absolutely hilarious!  We start sharing with him our message about God and Christ and the whole time he is just having this little seizure from laughing right in front of us!  We ask him if we could come inside his apartment to share our message.  He nods yes and starts to laugh and jiggle, but he doesn't move to let us in.  We asked if it was alright to come in right now.  He starts to bounce, laugh and jiggle again! Suddenly his 35 year old son comes out and tells us: "bu hao yi si ta hui jiang tai yu eryi" which translates as, "Sorry, he only knows Taiwanese!"  We were at the door for about 5 minutes talking to someone who had absolutely no idea what we were saying!  He only speaks Taiwanese and we are speaking Chinese! Haha:) I guess that is why he was just shaking and laughing!  I got a nice little giggle out of that. ;) Funny!
Wednesday Nov 11, 2015:  
Today we had our Trainer-Trainee Follow Up Meeting.  All of the missionaries who came to Taiwan with me were reunited!  It was so cool to see everyone and how much all of us have changed in this past month or so.
Thursday Nov 12, 2015:
Elder Scovel had a District Leader Meeting. While he was gone, I went on a mini exchange with a bundi (Taiwan native)!  We went to my area and I was basically the senior companion!  It was so weird.  I had to know where were going (which I don't) and know what we were doing (which, again, I don't).   Also, Elder Zhuang's (the bundi) has very limited English.  It was very interesting communicating to him.... haha.  It ended up going great!  We had a lesson and Elder Zhuang and the investigator spoke Taiwanese the entire time.  What the Heck!!!  I'm sick of Taiwanese already!  (Not really though haha Taiwanese is SICK!!!)  It was really cool to watch a lesson in Taiwanese.  My head was just turning back and forth between the two.  Elder Zhuang is a great missionary!
Friday Nov 13, 2015:  
We met with Michael Jackson today....haha!:)  Sorry, no picture of him yet.  I always forget because I am just so mesmerized by his actions.  He is quite the humorous individual.  While we were teaching him, he was playing the Cranberries.  They are some old band (I guess) .  I have never heard of them before.  He was listening to a song called "Ode to My Family" and while he was listening, he had a cigarette in his mouth with his eyes rolled back in the back of his head.  He was shouting out the lyrics to this song by the Cranberries!   I really need to get a picture of this shuaige (Handsome Guy).  We are trying to find out exactly what his true nature is and if he is actually somewhat normal.  I think he actually might be insane, but I love him for it;)
This week was very funny with lots of laughs.  Something that I have learned here in the mission field is to do everything that is in my power.  I was a little down because a lot of our investigators aren't progressing as well as we would like.  I realized that in the end, it really is not up to us.  We do everything we can, and the Lord will do the rest. 
 I love you all!  Have a wonderful week!!
Elder Coletti




Monday, November 9, 2015


Quick email today!!

First:  As I have started to adjust to Taiwan, my body just said, "OOOOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHWHHHOOOAO".  This basically just translates to "I think my insides, want to be on my outside."  I'm not sure what I ate but I ended up getting food poisoning hahaaha.  I'm fine now so there is no need to worry (Mom),  but I was basically on the toilet the whole day!  Elder Scovel and I tried to go finding, and literally within 30 minutes I used the bathroom 4 times!  But, nonetheless, I survived haha. 

Second:  I went on an exchange with my grandpa, Elder Roe this week.  Elder Roe is my dad's (Elder Scovel) dad.  Elder Roe is our Zone Leader and he is awesome!  He taught me so much about becoming a great missionary and what it takes.  He told me that you have to be BOLD.  If you are not BOLD, you cannot do missionary work.  So that is something that I will be starting to do now!  I'll check up with everyone and tell you all how it goes!

Lastly:  On November 10, 1972, a very, very important person was born.  My wonderful mother!  My mom, Dani, is the greatest mom in the world!  She has done so much for me throughout my life and I have never really realized it up until now.  I love her so much and my love for her is ineffable.  I know, without a doubt, I am the person I am today because of her being an AMAZING role model and the love that she always had present in our home throughout my life.  It's really hard not being able to tell her happy birthday in person, but I know that she is going to be alright.  I love you mom!  Thank you for all that you have done for me throughout my childhood!

 I have two invites for everybody this week:
 I want everyone to be BOLD!  Now bold doesn't mean that there is not love involved with it.  Alma 38: 12 (i think) talks about how the difference between bold and overbearing is love.  Overbearing would be forcing someone to do something.  Whereas, bold is going out of you way to help someone because you love them and want to help them.  Be bold and help someone that needs it.  It may not be easy or feel comfortable.  But I promise that it is for the best and that is what our Father in Heaven wants of us.  To bring the world unto repentance and into his love and care.
 Second invite is to tell my mom happy birthday!!  Give her a big hug for me!  Tell her what you love about her and make her feel like the princess that she is;)

L ove you all!  Thank you for everything that you all do in my life.

P.S. I want to pay my respects to my little league football coach, Kip McRae.  He taught me so many life skills about how to become a better man.  I know that it is hard now, but he is in a better place.  The Lord will bless.  The McRae family will be in my prayers.

Elder Coletti


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Enjoy the little things in life.....

11/2/2015  Week 15

For P-day this week we decided to go to the Space Museum as a Zone!  It was a blast!  They had so many fun activities and the whole Zone had a great time together!  I'm not going to lie though..  I didn't learn much at all at the Museum... hahaha!  Everything was in Chinese and so I couldn't read what the exhibits were trying to teach us!  But it was fun, nonetheless!  After the Space Museum, we went to the temple!  The temple is absolutely GORGEOUS!  The Taipei temple has such an "Asiany" feel to it.  The chair designs, the window designs, everything is very......Chinese?:) It is a temple of God though and it definitely felt like one.  The Spirit was so strong and I felt it throughout the entire experience!   This Sunday was Fast Sunday which went really well.  It's funny because for Fast Sunday's here, the members begin their fast the day before and so when lunch time comes around right after church, they go crazy!  Everyone brings a little bit of food and just starts chowing down!  It's awesome! We also had a fireside Sunday.  It was super cool!  All of the recent converts give 3 minutes testimonies about why they got baptized. We brought some of our investigators and it was wonderful to let them listen to the recent converts words.  It is a shorter email today because of the lack of time.  I love you all!  My invitation this week is to enjoy the little things.  There is a really cool quote that my marvelous mother has in our home. It says, "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things."  I love this quote.  As I have been on my mission, I have been thinking about all of the little things I miss about my life back at home.  How lucky I was to have all of the amazing people I had in my life!  Being separated from my life back home has helped me become more grateful for what I had!  So, just appreciate the little things and realize how truly blessed each and everyone of your lives truly are.  Blessings are Heavenly Father's hand in our life and we need to express gratitude to him...for all of the little things.

Wo ai nimen!

Elder Coletti

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Michael Jackson" is getting baptized!

Sorry for the late email!!  We are planning on attending the temple this week and so our p-day was moved to Wednesday from Monday.  We will get the opportunity to attend to the temple, which is absolutely fantastic!  I'm really excited for that! It will be in Chinese!  This week has been amazing and each week gets better and better!

Da peanut butter cheeseburger!

Eating with my boys!

A Gorilla at the zoo!

Monday October 19, 2015: 
For p-day this week we went to the zoo!  Super fun!  Afterward, we went to this burger joint and they had this hamburger that has peanut butter on it!  Elder Scovel was telling me that it is amazing!!  I decided to try it and it turned out to be amazing!!  Really good!  Who would have thought?!;)

Wednesday October 21, 2015: 
Today we met with an "eternal" investigator.  His name is Paul.  He has been one of Elder Scovel's investigators for a really long time!  He has already gone through all of the lessons, but he takes everything way to far.  He is an extremely intelligent individual, and he researches EVERYTHING!  When Elder Scovel was starting to teach him with his last companion, Paul started doing research about our church.  He stumbled upon some Anti-Mormon stuff online.  So, now he is all paranoid about our church.  He was an engineer and made quite a bit of money!  However, he lost his job 5 years ago and hasn't gotten a new one since. This week he ran out of all the money that he saved.  He is really sad, but honestly just an amazing person!  He is so curious about our church and just wants to find the truth, which Elder Scovel and I love!

Saturday October 24, 2015: 
Today had to be one of the funniest days of life!  Elder Scovel and I went finding and we were having some pretty good lessons.  We were in the middle of a lesson with a girl that we found, when all of a sudden there comes this  man!  He was riding on his 1960 vintage GIANT bike jamming to Michael Jackson's "Beat It".  He comes to an abrupt stop right in front of us and shouts in english, "HEY!  I like your style!"  He was rocking a straw hat, along with a white glove that Michael Jackson would wear in his prime.  So Elder Scovel was teaching the girl we were with before and tells me to go talk to this man by myself.  Elder Scovel and I were both teaching different people right next to one another.  I asked the man what his name is and he says:  "Call me Michael Jackson."  Honestly, the funniest person I have ever met!  I feel bad because I don't have a picture of him but I will get one as soon as I can!  The whole time that I was talking to him, he just sang Michael Jackson and did all of his dance moves! He then starting talking about how he is SanXia's Jay Chou!  Jay Chou is super popular here in Taiwan.  At the end of our lesson with "Michael Jackson", he started following us saying, "Alright who are we going to find next!  Don't worry I know Mandarin so I can translate for you!"  I ended up telling him about our church and when and where it is.  I really did this so that we could depart from each other because we had a lesson coming up with one of our investigators and we had to go meet with her.  At the time I thought that Michael Jackson was going to be a one time thing, however...

Sunday October 25, 2015:
HE CAME TO CHURCH!  During sacrament, I was sitting next to a member, when all of sudden I felt some one tap my shoulder. I turn around to see Michael Jackson!  He came to church, with the same clothes he was wearing the night before, rocking some cool shades, smelling like cigarettes and basically everything else that you could imagine!  I honestly did not expect him to come to church! He came and it just showed me that miracles can indeed happen in the presence of the Lord.  They say that cigarettes are the best possible smell to smell at church because it shows that people want to change and become better.   Later that night, we had FHE (Family Home Evening).  In Taiwan, it is the craziest event!  So, just imagine a little apartment room fitting an ENTIRE WARD of about 40 people.  It is basically just a dinner party and it was so much fun!  People walk around and talk, they say how terrible my chopstick skills are, they tell each other how awesome they are, they laugh, eat, and basically have a party... haha.  So much fun!
FHE in Taiwan!

Monday October 26, 2015:  
We met with Nancy again, and again she bought us lunch.  
She is honestly SO nice!  Love her!  She was talking about how her health isn't very good.  She is having intestinal problems in her older age.  We offered to give her a blessing and she accepted. Elder Scovel decided that I would give her the blessing for the sick and afflicted.  It went really good!  It really is crazy how much I have grown since I have been here.  Before, with Lin Da Ge, I was really nervous and didn't even know that we were going to give his grandchild a blessing....in Chinese!  This time, I could speak Chinese better and I knew exactly what I was saying! I felt a lot more confident with the blessing!  It was a really cool experience.  Then later that night, we met with Lin Da Ge.  It was a rough week for him. We didn't meet with him once last week because he wouldn't answer his phone or open his door when we yelled for him at his house.  He caved and drank alcohol this week. He felt terrible about it!  He didn't want to meet with us because he felt guilty!  He felt like he had let us down.  When we finally met with him, we told him how much we loved him and how we would never be upset with him. It was really spiritual.

Tuesday October 27, 2015:  
Two miracles happened today!  The first:  Paul (the "eternal" investigator) got a job!  It was because of our church that he got the job!  One of our members helped him find a place that he could work! I really think this will be a turning point for Paul's conversion to our church.  The second:  Michael Jackson is on date to get baptized!  We taught him the first lesson and it went great! At the end of the lesson, we asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and get baptized.  He looks up and says, "Of course I will!  Jesus is my friend!"  I love Michael Jackson!  I should really learn his real name though because we don't want to be saying, when he is about to go under the water for baptism, "Michael Jackson, having the power of the..."  haha that would be quite humorous!;)

I love you all so much!  Thank you  for being such amazing role models and examples to me in my life.  I want to invite everyone to stop judging people by their covers.  When I first met Michael Jackson, I didn't expect him to go to church at all!  And then we he came I was absolutely blown away!  I never expected that.  But, then I felt pretty bad.  Who was I to instantly judge the type of person he is.  I learned that anyone, no matter what they look like or sound like, is a child of God and deserves to be treated like so.  My invitation is to look at everyone like they are a child of God, because that is who they are.  No more judging by their cover but rather by the 2nd chapter... possibly the 3rd;)  

Wo Ai Nimen!!!
Elder Coletti

I'm pretty sure I'm the only white kid from Utah on this bus?!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Crazy Buses and Hot Pots!

Elder Coletti's Letter 10/19/2015 Week 13

I don't know if I mentioned this, but the computers I use to email home are in Chinese! HAHA!

The Street outside of my apartment.

Having Hot Pots!

The fancy apartment Nancy took us to.

The street outside of the 5 star apartment.

The ceiling in the fancy apartment.

Elder Scovel and I at Nancy's apartment for lunch.

Elder Scovel and myself waiting at the apartment for Nancy.

The ward member of the San Xia district going tracting with us.

The buses here are crazy!

Monday Oct. 12, 2015:  
This was one of the craziest days of my life!  We went over to one of our investigator's homes.  His name is Lin Da Ge.  He has had a problem with the Word of Wisdom, but since meeting with the missionaries he has changed so much!  He went from drinking every hour to only drinking once last week!  He loves missionaries.  His whole family was home with him when we got there:  his wife who is from the Philippines, his 15 year old daughter (who has already has a  one week old baby) and his youngest child who is 12 years old. He started speaking really fast in Chinese. I had no clue what he was saying and so I turn to look at Elder Scovel for  translation. Elder Scovel says: "Hey, your going to give their baby a blessing of comfort and counsel."  I was like "WHAAAAAAA????" Hahaha!   I gave the baby a blessing and it truly was amazing.  The Lord helped me so much with bringing words into my remembrance and giving a somewhat comprehensible blessing in Chinese. After the blessing, Lin Da Ge told us that his whole entire family wants to be baptized. Hopefully the Lin Jiating (family) will continue to progress and will all be baptized together!

Wednesday Oct. 14, 2015:  
We had our Mianfei Yingwen Ban (Free English Class), which is awesome!  I taught the Advanced class again.  It was so much fun! The Asian students are all basically conversationally fluent  in English and so I taught them more specific words about the human body and the body senses.  We ended playing a little game that I picked up in the MTC.  It's called "Wo you liliang" (I have power).  You say that three times (Wo you liliang) and then point at something on your body and say it in English (example: arm). It was hilarious!

Thursday Oct. 15, 2015:
Nancy ( the Tai Chi lady from last week), met with us.  She took us to this 5 star apartment  in Taiwan.  They are called apartments because they don't really have hotels.  She ended up buying us a wonderful 3 course meal!  Elder Scovel and I tried to tell no, but she insisted!  She told us that she could tell that we are good people just by the way we shook her hand.  So.... always remember handshakes can define who you are!  She said that she will pay for lunch once a month no matter who the missionaries are!  She is an awesome lady!

Saturday Oct. 17, 2015:  
We went tracting with some of the members in our ward!  It was amazing.  Such a cool experience going with all of the ward members.  I have noticed that if the people on the streets see that our church has Taiwanese members, it makes them more willing to listen to our message.

Sorry I didn't write everything that happened this week.  If I had written every experience this week, I would be able to sell it as a book on Amazon!  So much happens in a day and I absolutely love it!  I love that not one day is the same as another.  I just want to give you a taste of what goes on during a week in Taiwan for me. 
My dad asked me what a typical day is like for me.  A typical day consist of studying (personal, companionship, language, etc.) up until 12 and then lunch from 12-1. From 1-5  it is whatever we have planned or scheduled.  We usually have scheduled lessons or appointments or finding more investigators on the street.  From 5- 6 dinner and from 6 -9 it is whatever we have planned or scheduled (same as 1-5). From  9- 10 daily planning for the next day and 10 -10:30 we get ready for bed.  Not one day is the exact same!  We are always doing something different and following our daily inspiration on what we should do or where we should go. I love trying all of the different things they have here to eat and we eat something new everyday.  I love "hot pots"!  In Chinese they are called huoguo....really good!

I want to invite everyone to read 2 Nephi 4: 15-35.  I really enjoyed reading this chapter this week and I know it can apply to everyone!  Remember to make everyone one of your prayers sincere and heartfelt. Try not to make your prayers routine and memorized because not one day is the same as the another! 

Wo ai nimen (I love you all)!  Qing ai wo (Please love me)!

Elder Coletti

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Trash talking and Tai Chi

Elder Coletti's Letter 10/12/15 Week 12:
I cannot express how amazing Taiwan is!  I love everything about it!  There are the nicest people in the world here! The food is amazing (excluding Stinky Tofu)!  Did I mention I love biking in the rain?!  Everything is amazing here and I love it!
Tuesday Oct. 6, 2015:
We had a Zone Conference where we talked about our zone goals and what our zone needs to focus on.  Afterwards, I went on an exchange with one of the zone Leaders, Elder Elliot.  Elder Elliot is the smartest person I have ever met. Seriously.  He took the ACT when he was a freshman in High School and got a 36! A 36! He is fluent in Chinese, both spoken and written.  When we were on exchanges together, he would write everyone's name in Chinese Characters!  It completely blew my mind!  While I was working with him I asked as many questions as humanly possible!  Elder Elliot is an incredible planner and goal setter. He taught me some great ways to stay organized and make inspired goals!
On Wednesday Oct. 9, 2015:
We had English Class!  During the week we pass out flyers advertising a Free English Class. Every Wednesday at 7 o'clock we teach Asian students English!  It is so awesome!  There are 2 classes: Beginner and Advanced.  I taught Advanced because the majority of the teaching is in English (which is good... because that's a language I do know!) The Beginner class is a lot of Chinese students that are not very good at speaking English and need to speak Chinese in order to learn English. Elder Scovel and I were teaching our class and decided to teach about sports. While we were teaching, we ended up on the topic of "trash talking"! Hahaha!  It was so funny trying to explain to these Asian students how to "trash talk".  They have no idea what "trash talk" is or how to do it!  They kept saying, "Why would we speak about trash with them?"  It was so funny, but it also confirmed how kind the people of Taiwan are.  No one has ever heard of "trash talk" because they have never had a desire to tease or be mean to someone.  I love the people here!
On Thursday Oct. 8, 2015:
We met with a couple of members who needed a little bit of help.  Let me start by saying I'm sorry and I feel really bad about this.  I am really bad at remembering people's names, especially people with Chinese names! Elder Scovel and I refer to people with nicknames that will help us remember them.  I do not call them their nicknames to their face's.  It's how Elder Scovel and I keep people straight and remember them.  One person Elder Scovel and I met with was "wheelchair".  He is in wheelchair because he was born with deformed legs that cannot support his weight.  When I met him at his house, he would walk by way of crawling everywhere.  It was really sad and a very humbling experience.  It showed me how much joy and happiness the gospel can bring into people's lives. We also met with "mafia".  We call him "mafia" because... well.... he is in the mafia... haha!   He is one of the kindest people I have ever met!  He takes pictures of all of the missionaries and then prints out the picture.  He sticks the pictures of all the missionaries he meets on the ceiling above his bed so that he can look at us when he goes to bed and then again when he wakes up!  We met with him and taught him a little bit. We ended up discussing McDonalds!:)   BTW:  McDonalds is so expensive here!  Most meals in Taiwan cost around $60NT, which is about $2 dollars in American dollars. At McDonalds, the meals are around $150NT!  I guess that still isn't a lot, but compared to other places here, it is expensive. We also biked all over the place today. We biked at night and so we had to put on our reflective protectors, etc. Biking is the funnest thing!  I love it!:) 
On Saturday Oct. 10, 2015:
We watched conference today.  I love Conference!  I really liked Holland's and Uchtdorf's talks. In Taiwan, we watch Conference a week later than in the U.S. because it takes that long to translate it into Chinese for all of the natives here. The Asian people who speak Chinese watch Conference in one room and the people who want to hear it in English are in a different room.  It was awesome!
Sunday Oct. 11, 2015:
This had to be one of my favorite days here yet! In the morning we finished watching Conference.  Afterwards, all of the members at the church met us outside and gave SO MUCH FOOD!!!  It was ridiculous!  They gave us a large pizza, Taco Bell, 3 loafs of bread, and almost 25 cupcakes!  It was insanity at its finest!  Haha!!  The members here are so nice!  I said it last week and I'm going to say it again....they treat us like celebrities.  They always tell us how much we are sacrificing and that want to help us. They are seriously so kind. After church, we met with Yang Zhi Ming (for some reason, I can remember his name!).  He is a recent convert, and he is awesome!  He is so nice and completely open with his testimony, which I love!  After we met with him, we went out searching for people to share the gospel with.  We ended up having amazing conversations with two people we met!!   The first person we chatted with was a middle aged man named Minter.  I can't say I have ever heard of anyone named that before.  He could speak English, and so our conversation was in English.  After he told his name, he said, "Yeah. Minter.  As in Money Maker!"  It was so funny!  We talked to him for a while and we almost got him to commit to be baptized!  He said he wanted to read the Book of Mormon before he commits. We thought that would be a good idea! HAHA!    After Minter, we met a lady named Nancy.  She also spoke English!  She has lived in New Zealand for 27 years.  She taught us how to do TaiChi!!!  Honestly!  We were talking with her and all of a sudden she asks, "Do you two want to know how to do TaiChi?"  Of course we said yes!  For 20 minutes or so, right in the middle of this busy street, we were doing TaiChi with Nancy!!  It was so fun! We gave her a Book of Mormon and set up an appointment to come and teach her about it!
Taiwan is amazing!  I have loved every second of it.  The people are so nice and are so prepared to receive the blessing of the gospel.  They are humble, kind and teachable. I want to invite everyone to prepare themselves to receive the blessings of the gospel!  A lot of people just expect the blessings to come.  The truth is, if you meet God halfway, he will meet you the rest and fill you with his love!
Love you all!!!

Elder Coletti