July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

When life gets to hard to stand.....kneel.

Elder Coletti's Letter 1/4/2015 Week 24

This week had to be one of the HARDEST working weeks of my life!  Elder Crawford and I had a goal that we were going to hit all of the Standards of Excellence this week.  MeiLun has been in a little slump lately and the work isn't progressing as much as President Jergensen would like.  A goal that Elder Crawford and I made was to work hard and get everything back to the standard that President has set for us.  This week was extremely hard, and at times we didn't think we could keep moving, but the Lord definitley helped us out A LOT!  A cool quote that I came upon was one from a very wise man named Gordon B. Hinckley:)  He said "When life gets too hard to stand, kneel."  I cannot express how true that is!  We ended up hitting almost all of the Standards of Excellence. Heavenly Father, definitely blessed us this week.  I do not have too much time to email today because of our activities planned for pday, but I do want to invite everyone to rely on God to get past hard times.  Rely on him to help you become better as people.  I love you all so much!  I'll write a bigger email next week!  Sorry....Haha!  The joys of missionary work!
Elder Coletti

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