July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Elder Coletti's Letter 8/7/2016:

What a miraculous week!  There are so many miracles going on right now!  It is crazy to watch the power of faith and hard work.  That is something that Elder Anderton has taught me.  Commitment.  What does commitment mean?  It means getting something done, no matter what.  Going out and doing it!  We have to decide in our life if we are truly committed to being disciples of Christ.  If we are, there is absolutely nothing that can get in our way!  Nothing can stop us from keeping the commandments.  Nothing can stop us from loving each other.  As missionaries, our purpose is to teach repentance and baptize converts.  Now if we are committed to that purpose, there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop us from accomplishing our purpose.  We, as missionaries, need to go out and get it!  We need to have the faith that God will help, but we also need to work hard.  We need to put in that effort.  I want to invite everyone to think of what matters most to them in life.  Think about how committed you are to that.  Remember Christ.  Now think about how committed you are to him.  How committed you are to becoming like him.  How committed you are to
remembering him.  If you remember everything that he has 
done for you, there is no way possible that you wouldn't 
give everything you have in order to become even just a 
little bit like him.  Commit yourself to him.  Commit your life to following him, and becoming his disciple.  He needs us.  He needs us to help the other sheep.  The lost sheep.  Now how committed are you to Christ.  How committed are you to your Master.  How committed are you to give to him that has given you all.  COMMITMENT.

I love you all so dang much!  Taiwan is amazing, and so is God.  He truly loves us.  No matter where we are, he is our GPS that can help us get back on the route to the promised land.  Commit yourself to the journey.

Elder Coletti

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