July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, August 14, 2016

SIX BAPTISMS! This will be a week I will remember for the rest of my life!

Elder Coletti's letter 08/13/2016:

What an incredible week!!!  This is a week I will remember for the rest of my life!!!
Three major things happened this week:

1.  We got the opportunity to listen to David Archuleta sing to the Taipei missionaries.  He has the voice of an angel! :)  It was super fun to listen to him share his mission stories.  He also shared some thoughts and messages with us! He is in Taiwan performing for the members to celebrate 60 years of missionary work in Taiwan

2.  Elder Anderton is leaving this upcoming Thursday.  What an incredible missionary!  I have learned so much from him.  He has definitely changed the way I think as a missionary.  I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to serve with him!
NOW......RIDICULOUS things have happened here such as...

3.  This last Saturday (August 13) we had SIX people get baptized!  They are all super awesome!  There names are:
Fang MaMa (about 50 years old.)  Fang MaMa's children were baptized 10 years ago.  She didn't get baptized because she didn't feel ready quite yet.  Previous Elders had found her and then Elder Anderton invited her to attend a baptism.  After she watched the baptism, she said that the baptism reminded her of her daughter's baptism.  She decided she wanted to be baptized too.

Ke Yu Lun and Ke You An (9 and 11 years old.)  Their parents are already members.  They have been LA (Less Active) for a little while.  The father is trying to come back to church, and he wanted his two little girls to be baptized.

Yang You Xun (10 years old.)  His parents are also members.  They have been LA for awhile  The mother is LA, and she is trying to come back to church.  She wants her son to be baptized and grow up in a good environment.

Yang En Xuan (18 years old.)  Her mom and younger brother are members.  Her mom didn't think she would be interested in church, but the Elders decided to let her decided.  So, they met with her, and she wanted to be baptized.

Huang Qian (about 40 years old.)  She is from China.  She self contacted the church and said she wanted to learn more about Christ and become Christian.

So many miracles come when you set goals and are COMMITTED  to accomplishing them.  What an incredible way for Elder Anderton to finish his mission.  I love you all so much!  There are miracles when you BELIEVE!  Know that God always has your back and that he will always help you.  This gospel is made for families.  So many families were brought together because of the gospel.  I know that the gospel is the best way to help your family.  Such a beautiful day.
Elder Coletti


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