July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Love of God

Elder Coletti's Letter 3/12/17: 

Good afternoon from Taiwan!  This week was incredible.  Its been raining quite a bit recently, but it has been filled with miracles nonetheless.  I love my mission in Taiwan.  It is seriously so much fun.  I can't believe the time is going this fast.  It makes me super sad.  However, I am so grateful.  I am so stinking grateful for everything that I have already learned.

Something that I have been learning a lot about this week is the love of God.  We have an investigator named 呂國瑋 (Lu Guo Wei).  His English name is Wii, but we never call him that.  He is a very interesting guy.  He always talks about Satan.:)  One time I told him we were going to start teaching the commandments, and he said, "If I believe Satan, do I have to obey the commandments?"  Just weird stuff like that, but most of the time he is joking.  He literally comes to church every single week.  Last week he worked Saturday night at 12 (midnight) until Sunday at noon (12:00) and he still came to our church service at 2.  He worked a 12 hour shift, and still made it to church.  He likes to come to church because he likes to listen to the choir that sings before church.  It's really peaceful.  So, I was sitting with him during Sacrament Meeting, and was talking to him a little bit about Baptism.  He was talking about how he's not really sure about baptism right now.  I then asked him the question, "Do you believe God loves you?"  He then said, "I believe that God exists, but he doesn't love me."  This made me so sad.  I then asked him, "What's your biggest dream in life?"  He then says, fighting some tears off, "That I can end my life earlier and get away from my struggles."  It then hit me why Wii always talked about Satan, and why he comes to church, and why he was willing to meet with missionaries.  He's lonely.  Wii literally has no friends.  He feels like he has nobody that loves him.  He wants to end his life early because he feels like it would just be a lot easier.  It would be a lot easier to go to the Telestial Kingdom.  He needs to feel the love of God.  I just had my arm around him the entire Sacrament Meeting testifying to him and telling him how much God loves him, how much God wants him to come unto Him.  He needs to repent and he needs to forget about the mistakes he has made in the past. During this Sacrament Meeting, I was filled with so much love.  How lucky am I to have been born in an environment that I could feel the love of God?  How lucky am I to go to an island where there are people that need to feel this same love? It is never too late to repent.  We can always change.  We can change how we think of ourselves.  We can change everything and that is because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It's because of him we can change.  Don't ever forget who God is.  Don't ever forget how much he loves every single one of us because there are people out there that don't know what it feels like.  What they need is someone to help them feel the Love of God.  Someone to tell them what to look for.  Someone to tell them how to find it.

Love your neighbors like you love yourself.  Love who you are.  Love that God loves you.  Take this love, and give it to others.  Give it to those that need that boost.  Keep praying for Wii.  We will keep helping him feel the truthfulness of repentance, and know of the Love of God.

Elder Coletti

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