July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Have a Vision

Elder Coletti's Letter 4/23/17:

Hello!  So sorry about last week.   I'm still alive and kicking, just busy being a missionary! I'm loving life right now with Elder Hammond.  We are seeing so many miracles, and having so much fun together while we are at it!  Ahhhh, I love my mission!  Alright enough of the small talk.:)  

 Something I learned this week was about raising your vision.  It is so important to have a vision and to have a point which you want to reach or see from.  It's from our vision, that we can improve.  That we can learn more.  However, there are lots of times that we become complacent.  We become happy with the perspective we are currently at. What makes special people special is that they have so many different perspective, higher visions where they can see so much more, and get so much more done.  Raise your vision and expect more from yourself in life.  As we expect more from ourselves and have a higher vision, we invite God to make an impact in our lives and help us reach our vision.  When we have a lower, not as fulfilling vision, it is harder to feel the influence of God in our lives because, quite honestly, he doesn't need to help us in order to achieve our sub-par goals/vision.  Raise the vision and raise the potential of God's influence in your life.  Love you!

Elder Coletti

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