July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ben Ben Ben and Spiritual Cookies:)

Elder Coletti's Letter:
Monday:  We taught an investigator named Tony which was really tough!  He spoke Zhongwen (Chinese) the entire time and he had a weird accent, so it was hard to understand!  I would just smile and nod the whole time and act like I knew what was going on.  After the lesson, my companion, Elder Miller, told me that he said we were stupid!  I laughed so hard!  He said we were stupid and I smiled and nodded to that!  Ben Ben Ben (Stupid Stupid Stupid)!  As bad as it sounded, it was actually an amazing experience.  It motivated me to understand and get better at Zhongwen (Chinese).

Tuesday:  We taught an investigator named Holly which was BANG (AMAZING)!  Elder Miller and I went in with a whole lesson plan but we completely changed it just by listening to the Spirit.  We changed it according to Holly's need and what she needed to hear at that time.  It truly was incredible.  One of the highlights of my MTC experience so far.  Then later that night we had a devotional.  We got to listen to President Nelson!!  Since it was an apostle speaking, it was broadcast to all of the MTCs in the world! It was one of the coolest experiences I've ever gotten to be a part of.  I, along with my whole district, participated in the choir which is truly amazing.  The spirit is tangible and we all just feed off of it!

Wednesday:  Nothing really happened this day.  Just a casual day full of Spiritual cookies;)

Thursday:  This day was a day I really needed.  I was a little stressed about the mission language and so a little discouraged.  But later that day I learned to not get discouraged if you don't now the mission language because that is not the important thing.  The important thing is to know how to learn the language of the Spirit and that is something I have learned while at the MTC.  If I rely on the Lord, he will help me learn this seemingly impossible language.  If I teach by the Spirit, then the Lord will fill my mouth with his words.  This doesn't mean that I shouldn't do my part and learn the language.  I read a something somewhere about how a miracle does not occur without an act of faith.  This idea has helped me a lot these past few days to try my best to learn the language.  If I do as much as I can, the Lord will do the rest.

Friday:  This day Elder Miller and I had no lessons so it was pretty relaxed.  A lot of studying and a lot of talking.  I got three packages this day which infuriated my whole district!  It was so funny!  But I just want to thank all the people who have supported me.  I really appreciate all the time, etc. everyone has sacrificed for me.  I sincerely thank everyone!!  Wo ai nimen (I love you all)!!

Saturday:  We had something called TRC which was really fun!  Volunteer members come and hear a lesson from missionaries.  It basically felt like home teaching.  Elder Miller and I taught this one lady who is attending BYU.  She spoke English, Cantonese, and Mandarin! CRAZY!!! So we taught her in Mandarin which was super fun!  Then we taught our teacher, Brother Walter, because they didn't have enough volunteers so he was helping out.  BTW Brother Walter is one of the coolest brothers I have ever met!  He is 22 years old and served in the Mandarin speaking Canada mission.  He went to high school at Jordan and played PG for the basketball team.  He's fluent in Mandarin and has shared so many BANG (AMAZING) stories.  He is one of the most spiritual individuals I have met and I don't even understand the majority of what he says!  He has taught me so much and reassured my sacrifice to serve the Lord.  I know that this is the right thing and that through Yesu Jidu de bangyang (Jesus Christ' example), we can become amazing human beings.  Brother Walter has been a wan mei de (perfect) example of how to be a missionary.

Sunday:  Sundays are probably my favorite day!  It's like a buffet of Spiritual experiences.  No kidding!  The priesthood lesson is taught by missionaries and only missionaries are usually in the room.  The lessons are always inspiring, especially hearing it from someone going through the same difficulties.  After priesthood, we have sacrament which is incredible.  It's in Zhongwen (Chinese) and the Spirit is ever so present.  The branch president randomly calls on two missionaries to give short talks to the whole branch.  Each talk is no longer than 5 minutes and it is so cool!  Especially when I understand what they are saying! ;)  Then we do a temple walk which is so cool!  We walk to the temple and look at the incredible sight.  Really fun!  We said goodbye to some of the funnest missionaries to be around!  We said goodbye to Elder Yang, Elder Shih, and Elder Chan who are all fluent in Chinese and only came to the MTC for 12 days.  We also said goodbye to Elder Anderson who is one of my favorites!  I'll see him later though because he is going to Taipei as well!

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