July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Monday, August 3, 2015

Elder Coletti's Letter 8/3/2015

Some parts of Elder Coletti's Letter 8/3/2015:
Good Monday everybody!  MTC life is amazing.  I love it so much.  We always have something to do which I'm starting to love.  We're always either studying by ourselves, learning from a teacher, teaching an investigator, or eating food!  That's basically the schedule everyday, so that is really fun!
Elder Miller is a stud.  He is super nice and patient in everything he does.  I love him. He is super spiritual and very gifted in Chinese.  He graduated from Lehi and Chinese is BIG  there so that's why he took so many years of it.  The investigators we are teaching are actually our future teachers or they are already members.  They are just role playing/acting as an investigator.  I don't know if you have received my written letters, but Xiang Lu Ying (the investigator we first taught) came into our class and started teaching us!  Totally caught us by surprise!!  Chinese is coming along really slow, but I feel a lot more comfortable now than I did  last Monday.  The Gospel learning is unbelievable.  Yesterday we watch a movie on Joseph Smith and it was incredible.  All the sacrifices he had to make in order to restore our church was INSANE!  He could of just made it easy and followed the crowd, but he made the right decision and it has effected all of us so much.  I'm glad I am named after him! J/K.
My favorite part of the mission is probably the amazing people I get to interact with.  Also.....the food is unbelievable here! Haha I love learning the language and the gospel as well!  I just love everything about this place!  
Let me know if anybody has questions.  There is so much going on here. It's hard to keep track of it all.  
I love the quote that mom sent me. 

It's really true! God doesn't care about what you know or how much you know.  All he cares about is that we have faith in him and that through him we can accomplish unbelievable things.  Rely on God to help you through tough situations and he will provide.  I've learned here at the MTC to stop relying so much on myself, but rather rely on God and let him fill my mouth with his words.  
 I love Alma 32.  It talks about how if we plant our seed of faith towards God it will grow into roots in the ground that can't be taken out.  It will grow into a mighty tree that cannot we swayed.  And later on, it will grow fruit on our trees.  And others will partake of the fruit that we have to offer.  And while partaking of our delicious fruit, they will love it so much and want it for themselves.  But....we all know what's in the center of an apple right?  More seeds to spread to others so they can plant their seed and let it grow through faith.  That's what I took  from that chapter anyway. 
 I love you all and hope all of you stay safe!  Don't miss me please!  I am happier than ever right now.
Elder Coletti

I just absolutely loved Elder Coletti's comments about Joseph Smith and Alma 32!  I'm seriously in awe at the spiritual growth!  His  light and spirit just radiate through his letters and I can feel his wonderful testimony just growing....it is an absolute joy for me to witness as a mother!  It also makes my heart a little less sad that he is gone......a little.

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