July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sleep Walking and 4-Square

Monday Aug 10, 2015:
We taught Tony and he asked some really good questions.  They really had Elder Miller and myself thinking.  I asked my teacher how he would have responded.  He gave a wanmei huida (perfect answer).  He said (speaking in Chinese) to adjust your answer in a way that would be most helpful to the investigator.  We need to step down to their level of spirituality and then help bring them up to our level. We can't expect them to know, understand, and believe the same things we do.  That's not going to work.  We, along with the Shengling (Holy Ghost), need to help them understand as much as possible and be their escalator.  We need to assist them in reaching the top level.

Tuesday Aug 11, 2015:
We played 4-square for gym today which was a blast!  It really took me back to my elementary days when we would 4-square all the time during recess!  I have a funny story.  We were playing 4-square with another district. I was having fun and kind of being fancy with the ball by doing behind the back tosses and what not.  Later that day, that district came into our classroom and challenged us to a game of volleyball.  We accepted and said we would pohuai (destroy) them (jokingly of course)!  They said that I'm the only one in the district who is actually coordinated.  Hmmmm.... I don't think I can remember a time I have been complimented on my coordination.  We all had a nice giggle out of that conversation. We had our Tuesday evening devotional which was really good.  It was by Elder C. Scott Grove from the 70's and he really motivated me to lose myself in the work.  He taught about how we need pure focus for a pure love of Christ.

Wednesday Aug 12, 2015:
This day was one of the most productive days I've had so far in my experience at the MTC.  The devotional last night motivated us to be more focused and not slack off as much as we have been.  We were focused the entire day which was great!  Elder Miller and I taught Holly today which was incredible!  We went in with this full lesson but adjusted it according to what she needed to hear and what the Shengling (Holy Ghost) was inspiring us to say.  It was a really special experience.

Thursday Aug 13, 2015:  
We have a new Elder in our district.  His name is Elder Woo and he is from Canada.  There was a miscommunication with him and the MTC.  He was accidentally put into the fast track program.  He had a solid background with Chinese but he didn't know any gospel words in Chinese.  That is kind of important. He is going to do a 5 week program and be  added to our district.  He'll leave the same time as our whole district.  We had a lesson about how to have an effective language study plan and that has helped me a lot!  I now have goals that I want to accomplish and I have outlined a plan on what I need to do each day in order to accomplish my goals.  Each day I need to memorize 30 words, 10 phrases, 1-2 grammar principles, and 0.5-1 scriptures memorized all in Chinese. No problem:)

Friday Aug 14, 2015:  
Not a whole lot happened today.  We taught Tony, which went better than most of our previous lessons.  We went over the Moermenjing (Book of Mormon) with him and he really seemed to understand it this time!  The first time he didn't really understand the importance of it and just thought of it as he would any book.  After our lesson, he understand the the Book of Mormon is more than a book.  It is evidence that there is a God and that he wants to help us return to him.  It was a really cool lesson.

Saturday Aug 15, 2015:  
One of my favorite lessons yet!  Today for TRCs Elder Miller and I taught this sweet, old, Asian lady.  She had to be one of the nicest people I have ever met.  We decided to teach her about prayer and how to make it more meaningful.  We had her read a scripture about it and after she read the fourth word she was already getting emotional.  She cried the majority of the lesson and it was just an amazing experience.  The Spirit was present and the lesson was wonderful. We wanted her to share an experience about how prayer has blessed her.  She said that we were an answer to her prayer.  She was really busy the previous day and just really stressed about family, work, etc.  She didn't know if she was going to be able to make it to TRCs.  So she prayed about it and got an answer that she should make time and attend TRCs.  She said how blessed she was to have listened to our words and how grateful she was for decision to serve others.  One of the coolest experiences ever!  We decided to have an "English Fast" which was really fun!  We were not suppose to speak in English for the entire day!  It was really hard, but also totally worth it!  I learned that I know a lot more Zhongwen (Chinese) than I give myself credit for.  My district is going to continue doing the "English Fast" every Saturday which I'm going to look forward for every week!  

Sunday Aug 16, 2015:  
The devotional was INCREDIBLE!  It was basically a concert!  A band called the Nashville Tribute Band came and played for us  Almost the entire band is made up of return missionaries or converts.  They played some of the most inspirational music about Joseph Smith and the Restoration.  It really moved me.  Elder Miller and I were assigned to be the Sacrament Coordinators.  We are so excited!  We basically have to choose some missionaries to bless the sacrament and pass it.  We want to enhance our calling so were going to be the best Sacrament Coordinators ever (because we all know I'm very coordinated)! ;).  We both also blessed the Sacrament this week which was one of the scariest things I ever done!  We had to read the bread and water prayer in Chinese.  It had to be perfect.  We would have to do it over again if we either pronounce it wrong or say it with the wrong tone.  Don't worry though, we both did it perfectly our very first try which was a huge relief.  I have another funny story.  I slept walked! I had a dream that I was playing tag with Elder Miller and that I was running away from him.  It turns out that I was actually doing it in my sleep! I ended up waking up in front of the building door having no clue how I got there.  I didn't have my watch so I didn't know what time it was.  I also didn't have my key so I was locked outside!  I stood outside for about 30 minutes, banging on the door, until finally someone let me inside.  It must have been funny for the Elder that opened the door.   I had my blanket (I don't know how or why I brought it with me) wrapped all around me and I looked like a ghost!    It turns out this happened at 3:00 in the morning.  It was funny but also really scary for me! 

Love you all,
Elder Coletti

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