July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, December 6, 2015

PRO: Pray.Read.Obey

This week was a blast! Each week seems to get better and better here in Taiwan!

Tuesday Nov. 24, 2015:  
 Elder Stevensen, the new member of the Quorum of the Twelve, came to Taiwan and talked to all of the missionaries!  He was here in Taiwan to pick up his son who is serving in Taizhong and is just about done with his mission.  While he is was here, he was able to talk to us, which was AWESOME!  The thing that stuck out the most to me from his talk was about becoming a PRO disciple of God.  In order to become a PRO we need to Pray, Read, and Obey.  It is as simple as that and miracles can happen.  I have been focusing on this principal all week and I can already tell a huge difference!  Pray and put all of your trust in the Lord.  Only then can miracles really happen.  Read in order to more fully understand the gospel of Christ and how we can all apply it to our lives.  Obey in order to truly receive blessings.  God gives us laws/commandments in order to bless us.  If only we will obey, we will be blessed. It really is as simple as that.

Wednesday Nov. 25, 2015:
Funny story!  It was absolutely pouring rain this day!  It was probably the most it has rained since I have been in Taiwan. Elder Scovel and I were biking to the English class we teach, when all of a sudden, Elder Scovel slows down.  So just instinctively, I squeeze the front brakes on my bike.  And...well.... I got tossed! Hahaha:)  The  bike slipped on the sidewalk, and I flew forward.  I fell on to the wet pavement and ended up sliding like 5 yards!  I put my hands in the air so I wouldn't get scratched up or anything.  I slid right in front of Elder Scovel's bike and he shouts, "SAFE!!"  Super funny!  No harm or injury but I felt like Superman for a second and it was super fun! Haha

Thursday Nov. 26, 2015:  
Happy Thanksgiving!  No turkey for us here in Taiwan.  To celebrate thanksgiving, the SanXia Elders decided to go to Shabu Shabu which is basically an all you can eat hot pot place!  Super tasty!  I think I have fallen in love with hot pot.  They are my best friend nowadays.;)

Friday Nov. 27, 2015: 
Elder Brandley and I went to the temple today to help out with baptism's for the dead!  It was so awesome! We began with confirmations. They didn't have pinyin and we couldn't read all of the Chinese characters, so we ended up doing the confirmation in English which was pretty cool for the Taiwanese people we were confirming!  After confirmations, I went and helped in the baptistery.  I helped the person who slides down the names for the person preforming the baptisms to read. I would check off the each name after they were baptized.  It was crazy!  The person who asked me to help him out just starting whisper shouting (not really) at me in Chinese and I totally panicked! It was quite humorous, but  I ended up figuring it out and didn't ruin anybody's salvation.;)

Sunday Nov. 29, 2015:  
Church is so awesome!  The members are just amazing here and I love them. There is this one member whose name is Lu mama.  She pulled out her phone and got onto Facebook.  She asked me who my mom was and so I told her.  Then she started messaging her!  She started telling me to pose for pictures that she could send to my mom.  I was just laughing this whole time!  She is super funny!    On our way back from church, Elder Scovel and I were sitting on the bus.  All of a sudden there came this lady.  She was probably drunk, and Elder Scovel told me he has seen her before and said that she is a little bit crazy.  The entire 30 minute bus ride she was standing right next to me staring at Elder Scovel.  She was standing really close and encroaching into my personal space.  She was touching me this whole time! She all of a sudden says that she was going to go now, and then she just fell on me!  No bus bump or anything...weird.  I helped her up and then helped/ pushed her off of me in a gentle manner.  She left and Elder Scovel asked me if she just fell on me.  And I simply responded, "Wouldn't be the first time someone fell for me.";) Hahaha

I love you all so much!  There are lots or reasons and motivations behind why I want to serve a mission, but every single one of you is a big reason behind why I am serving. You all motivate me to be a better person and to share the love I have for the gospel. I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving full of turkey, thanks, and more turkey;)  My challenge this week refers back to Elder Stevensen's talk.   I want everyone to become a PRO disciple of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Think about if you are doing what it takes to become a PRO.  Continue to Pray, Read, and Obey, and I promise you will all be blessed!  Thank you all for the kind words!  

你們都是真棒!  我愛你們!

Elder Coletti

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