July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Elder Coletti 11/22/2015 Week 18
This week was one the best weeks of my life!  Honestly it was so crazy and all over the place, but I loved every second of it.
Monday Nov. 16, 2015:
P-Day: We went on an exchange. Elder Brandley and Elder Scovel had to go to the Bu to handle some personal matters, so me and Elder McClellan went to an underground mall place!  It was super cool! We ate an ice cream sundae that was bigger than my face!  It took 3 of us to eat it and there was still some left! The APs decided to sleep at our house because they had some stuff they needed to get done in SanXia.  We ended up having 6 people trying to sleep in a 2 person apartment. It was super funny.  I ended up sleep walking (surprise, surprise) and basically smacked Elder Huntsman (one of the APs) and then passed out! Hysterical!

Wednesday Nov. 18, 2015:  
Elder Scovel and I had a lesson with some new investigators called the Zheng Jia Ting family.  They are so funny!  Honestly, trying to teach them is just an adventure! They have a cute son that is autistic. The dad is partially deaf and we have to shout in Chinese when we teach him. The mom has a lazy eye and it kind of just freaks me out! They could not believe that we actually believed in Christ!  They started asking us if we even believe in Christmas!!  They said: "If you believe in Christmas, then when do you celebrate it?"  It totally reminded me of the scene in the movie Elf when he asks Santa:  "If your Santa, what did I sing to you on your birthday?"  Super funny!  They are such a cute family and I really enjoyed teaching them.  After we said the closing prayer with them, the little autistic son started to cry and he ran up to me and Elder Scovel and gave us a big hug.  It was very heartwarming.
Friday Nov. 20, 2015:  
Elder Scovel got pretty sick, so we had to stay inside.  I decided to start calling people and trying to set up appointments with them.  Wow, that was crazy! Most of the time I didn't understand a word that they were saying!  I decided to call the people that I knew I could understand.  I decided to call Michael Jackson! He is awesome.  I don't have pictures with him yet  because we didn't meet with him this week. I called him and he said that he couldn't meet with us today.  He said: "Sorry, but  I am helping the children because they are the hope of this world to make it a better place."  He is the best and just makes me smile.  I really want to get a picture with him.  I will at some point!
This week really was crazy.  A lot of stuff was seemed to be happening and changing.  Starting with the APs coming to do an Exchange with the ZLs, to an exchange with Elder Brandley! It was crazy, but super fun.  I've learned to have a good attitude in everything you do.  Out of everything you put on today, the most important thing is your smile.  This week I was just enjoying all of the little things and trying to make the most fun out of every opportunity that came upon me.  It really made a difference and made this week one of my favorite!  Nothing monumental happened that made this week special, but rather I made the most of every opportunity and I did it with a smile.  I want to invite everyone to put on that smile!  Make the most out of everything that happens.  I know that it will change your lives forever!!
Also, Thanksgiving is coming up!  We won't celebrate it here in Taiwan (haha), but my peeps in America will be!  Here is my challenge:  Make a list of 20 things that you are grateful for. Try to think of the people that you are grateful for and tell them that you are grateful for whatever they have done in your lives.  Here on my mission, there are a lot of times that we tell people that we love them.  That is kind of the premise of mission work.....Love.  A lot of the time we tell people we love them, but we don't say WHY.  It's easy to say that you love someone, but the true love comes when you have a why to it.  So, I invite everyone to not only tell someone that you love them and that you are grateful for them, but also tell them why.  Go out of your way to make someones day.
I love you all so much!!  Thank you for all of the support!  Happy Thankgiving!!  Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Elder Coletti


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