July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Monday, April 25, 2016

New Area: DanShui/Tamsui New Companion: Elder Francis

Hello!  Lots of changes going on again. I have been transferred to DanShui/Tamsui which is a part of Taipei.  DanShui is the most north you can go in Taiwan. 
 We have the ocean in our area, in fact everywhere you look you can see the ocean and it is absolutely gorgeous.  It is the ocean area between China and Taiwan.  We have a GIANT area.  It is probably the biggest area I have had so far.  Our area includes BaLi, DanShui, ShiMen, JingShan, and some other place by there within the Tamsui District.  Lots of biking!
We are always biking on the coast of the ocean and Taiwan.  It is really pretty!  DanShui is also a big tourist attraction.  Lots of people come here because it is close to the ocean and because it has lots of cool shops.

My new companion is an Elder by the name of Elder Francis.  He has been on his mission for nearly 2 years and will be going home in July (in 2 transfers:12 weeks).  I am super excited to have the opportunity to learn from a seasoned veteran in the mission field!  Elder Francis is an EXTRAORDINARY teacher and I am super excited to learn his secrets;)

This area is beaming with the Spirit.  I am super excited to serve here and to serve with Elder Francis!  Love you all!  Nothing to crazy happened.  Lots of change and so I am still adjusting.

Elder Coletti

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