July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Monday, April 4, 2016


Elder Coletti's Group Letter 03/27/2016

It is crazy how God works sometimes. This week had been a  little bit of a struggle for me with personal problems, etc. I seemed to be really frustrated with everyone around me for no good reason. I had no idea why I was mad, I just was. On Sunday night, March 27, it finally hit me what was wrong. My pride had gotten in the way. I was being way too arrogant with my companion, and the area. A good portion of the week, I felt like people were doing me wrong, when all along I was the one in the wrong. Elder Alder and I were in a lesson with a member, and we started talking about our conversion stories. I was born in the church, and so I started talking about my Grandparent's (on the mom's side) and my Father's conversion story, because they are all converts to the church. As I was telling their story, the Spirit completely overwhelmed me! Such big sacrifices were made for the better of our family.  After sharing their conversion story, that was when the Spirit testified to me the truth of this church.  It helped me realize how arrogant I was being. How I wasn't serving with the right intentions.  I had been serving with a little bit more selfish intentions honestly.  It also helped me realize how lucky I am that I didn't have to go searching too far to find the truth. I went back to the apartment and started to read my family's conversion stories that they had sent with me when I first left on my mission. I hadn't read them in a while. My goodness, they hit me hard!  I read about how my Grandma fought for her life and ended up finding the truth through it.  How my Grandpa sacrificed his former life in order to support his family in a better situation.  How two of my Uncle's served missions and how it has influenced and blessed their entire families.  How my Father was in the dark, but found the light.  How my Mother's example raised my family beyond our time on earth.  These are amazing conversion stories and yet I feel as if I didn't really know them personally, nor the impact they had on me!  After reading all of these stories, I know without a doubt that this church was true.  There is no way that these stories are just random events!  They all happened for a specific reason, and that is because our Heavenly Father has the perfect plan for each and every one of us.  We may not realize it at times, but he knows us better than anyone.  I learned a valuable lesson about the Spirit of God, and how it works in strange ways. My initial concern was that I was upset, and I didn't know why. Within a 30 minute window, I was able to not only resolve my pride, but I was able to distinguish that I had a deeper concern than I initially had thought I had.  I became humbled and learned an extremely valuable lesson about families,the impact of a mission, and that God loves us so much. We all have weaknesses, but through God's mercy, he exposes our weaknesses in order for them to become our strengths.  And through our strengths, God can make miracles happen.  I want everyone to learn about their own families personal conversion stories.  Learn about how it has impacted you personally and affected where you are today.  Without your families sacrifices, where would you be today?  Would you be as blessed?  Would you be as happy?  I know for a fact I wouldn't!  God has blessed me beyond my realization!  God puts us on these crazy journeys and in specific situations to help us gain our own personal testimony.  But through our own personal testimony building experiences, we can help build someone else's testimony.  Never be afraid to share your testimony with someone.

I love you all so much!  Have a wonderful week!

Elder Coletti 

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