July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sister Jiang was BAPTIZED!!!

I have some very special news!  江明玥(Jiang Ming Yue) was BAPTIZED!!!  She was so stinking happy.  She was shining like a lightbulb.  Here is a brief conversion story: 
 江明玥 (Jiang Ming Yue) had been meeting with the missionaries until she stopped meeting with them or the missionaries had dropped her. While she was in LuZhou, the missionaries were biking by her and she shouted "Jesus loves you!" The missionaries stopped and started to talk to her.  After meeting with the LuZhou missionaries for awhile she decided to suddenly move to BaLi for her job.  So she moved to BaLi and that was when she was referred to Elder Francis and myself. She had been taught all of the lessons before, but we wanted to teach them to get again. It had been along time since she first heard them. We started teaching her and she started coming to church EVERY week! She was great and and she wasn't struggling with anything. But, all of a sudden during a lesson with her, she gets a phone call saying she is fired! The next day she gets a new job in Tianmu and will be working from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. This made it impossible for us to be able to meet with her. We were unable to see her for 10 days straight and we were only able to communicate with her through phone calls. Elder Francis and I were really worried about her and we didn't know what we could do to help her come back to church and receive all of the missionary lessons in preparation for baptism. Elder Francis and I prayed for her and asked the Lord for help. I decided to call her. She answered and told me that she had gotten a new job  and will now be working from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and has Sundays off! It was absolutely perfect for our schedule! She thanked us for never giving up on her and for helping her become this happy. The gospel has changed her and has helped her become a better person. She was able to have all of the missionary lessons and she is now a new member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I know that God was with us during her entire conversion process.  Heavenly Father won't ever give up on us and because of this we are able to change. God helped Sister Jiang find a new job and he helped her enter into his fold. Sister Jiang is so funny! We were a little nervous because she showed up 45 min. late for her confirmation. She was late because she wanted to pick up a cake. The bakery didn't open until 9 and it was 30 min. away. She came, she was baptized and it all worked out;)  After getting baptized she kept saying "I'm reborn! Hey! I'm so clean now, right? Today is my birthday! My new life!" Haha. She's adorable. The members did so well at fellowshipping her and she felt so welcome.

Conversion is real! It is never to late to return to our Heavenly Father, no matter how far away we are.
Elder Coletti


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