July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Last Letter.....

Elder Coletti's last letter 7/23/17:

It's been 2 years.  2 years of sacrifice.  2 years of happiness.  2 years of life changing events.  2 years of new friends.  2 years that will never be forgotten.  I have loved my mission more than words can explain.  I have seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ change people's lives.  I have seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ change my family's life.  It's true how when you truly forget yourself.  Forget who you were, and put yourself to work, to service, you come back a changed person.  You come back who God wants you to be.  The mission has given me a new perspective on life.  It has transformed me.  I truly know who Jesus Christ is.  I truly know the power of his Atonement is my life.  He is my Savior and He is yours as well.  All of the struggles that we face in life.  All of the trials and challenges.  All the blood, sweat, and tears.  None of that compares to what our Savior atoned for.  He has done it all.  He has saved us.  So choose to be happy!  Choose the right.  Choose Christ.  As we choose this day to follow Christ, we are choosing happiness.  We are literally going to receive blessings.  Not only for ourselves, but for our family and friends around us.  For the random people next to us.  As we accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ and choose to apply it today, we will have the light of Christ with us.  And everybody will feel the love He has for us.  The world will be a happier place, and we can all be saved together.

I love you all.  I am so grateful for having the opportunity to know every single one of you.  You truly have made me a better person.  You have brought joy into my life.  Thank you for sticking around for these 2 years.  I am so excited to see everyone!  Below is some information about my Homecoming: 

Save the dates:
1: Elder Coletti (Joey) is finishing serving his mission in Taipei Taiwan! Elder Coletti (Casey) is preparing to leave for his mission in Cambodia Phnom Pehn.! We will be having a combined Homecoming and Farewell for these two brothers on Sunday Aug. 13 at our church at 11:00 am. The address for the chapel is 10860 S. 3200 W. South Jordan, UT. It's not the church by the round about, it's the one just North of that. 

2: On SATURDAY NIGHT- Aug. 12th (6-9 pm) we're having an open house at our home. The address is 3032 W. Harper Peak Court (11335 S.) South Jordan, UT. Feel free to stop by, enjoy some yummy food and say WELCOME HOME or GOODBYE

I also want to specifically thank my family.  I cannot express my love for the three of them.  You have brought so much happiness throughout my life.  It's crazy to think how we haven't see each other for these 2 years, and yet I feel like our relationship is so strong right now.  I feel so much closer to the three of you right now than I did before my mission.  Isn't that weird?! No matter how far we are from each other, as long as Jesus Christ is the center, the family will be blessed.  "Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ" (The Family: A Proclamation to the World).  I testify that I know this is true.  I know that Jesus Christ has played a significant role in my family's life.   

 Love you, Elder Coletti

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