July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Monday, July 3, 2017

Self Reliance

Elder Coletti's Letter 7/2/17:

Self Reliance.  Before the mission, that is something that I didn't know existed! I would just rely on my parents for everything.  I would rely on other people to make things happen.  As I have been on my mission, I have realized the important of relying on yourself.  And when I say relying on yourself, that does not mean disregarding help from God.  It means doing everything that you can, and then asking God to make up the difference.  For example, when I first started my mission, I couldn't do much.  I couldn't speak the language, I didn't know how to teach, I didn't know how to get to places on my own, etc. It was during this time that I had to rely on the Lord quite a bit.  But as I have been here these 2 years, I have learned a lot.  I have learned the language, how to teach the gospel, and how to live on my own.  In doing so, I have learn to rely on myself, not on God as much , to do these things.  That is why we are here on earth.  We are here to learn how to rely on ourselves.  Learn how to make things happen.  If we go our whole life not learning how to do so, then we aren't getting the point of God sending us here on earth.  We are here to learn.  We are here to become like God.  And through time and experience, we do not need God as much as we did the day before.  However, that does not mean we can get complacent.  This means that we need to stretch ourselves every single day.  Put ourselves in a situation that we NEED to rely on God.  We need to become comfortable in our discomfort.  And when we are no longer comfortable, that is when we should rely on God.  Become Self Reliant.  Learn as much as you can.  Learn how to do things yourself.  You need to give all you can.  Meet God halfway, and then God will do the rest.

I went to the Taipei Recent Convert and Investigator Fireside yesterday, and I was overwhelmed with love.  Love for the people.  Love for God.  Seeing so many familiar faces, and how they have changed through Jesus Christ.  It is amazing to see how much God loves us.  He really does want us to be happy.  He has given us so much in life.  I love my Heavenly Father so much.  I am so glad to have felt of His Love.  I'm grateful to have been able to share it.  God is real.  And so is His Love.

Elder Coletti

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