July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Elder Coletti 11/15/2015 Week 17
This was a fairly decent week!;)  I got over my food poisoning, so that was nice!:)   We indeed had some funny experiences this week!


Tuesday Nov 10, 2015:  
We went finding for a couple of hours and it was awesome!  We went to this apartment building and in the front of the apartment building they have this doorbell thing that Elder Scovel and I started to ring.  Each doorbell leads to a room in the apartment.  The very first doorbell we ring, the door to the apartment opens and out comes an old Taiwanese man.  He just looks at us and laughs.  When he laughs, his whole body just shakes!  It's absolutely hilarious!  We start sharing with him our message about God and Christ and the whole time he is just having this little seizure from laughing right in front of us!  We ask him if we could come inside his apartment to share our message.  He nods yes and starts to laugh and jiggle, but he doesn't move to let us in.  We asked if it was alright to come in right now.  He starts to bounce, laugh and jiggle again! Suddenly his 35 year old son comes out and tells us: "bu hao yi si ta hui jiang tai yu eryi" which translates as, "Sorry, he only knows Taiwanese!"  We were at the door for about 5 minutes talking to someone who had absolutely no idea what we were saying!  He only speaks Taiwanese and we are speaking Chinese! Haha:) I guess that is why he was just shaking and laughing!  I got a nice little giggle out of that. ;) Funny!
Wednesday Nov 11, 2015:  
Today we had our Trainer-Trainee Follow Up Meeting.  All of the missionaries who came to Taiwan with me were reunited!  It was so cool to see everyone and how much all of us have changed in this past month or so.
Thursday Nov 12, 2015:
Elder Scovel had a District Leader Meeting. While he was gone, I went on a mini exchange with a bundi (Taiwan native)!  We went to my area and I was basically the senior companion!  It was so weird.  I had to know where were going (which I don't) and know what we were doing (which, again, I don't).   Also, Elder Zhuang's (the bundi) has very limited English.  It was very interesting communicating to him.... haha.  It ended up going great!  We had a lesson and Elder Zhuang and the investigator spoke Taiwanese the entire time.  What the Heck!!!  I'm sick of Taiwanese already!  (Not really though haha Taiwanese is SICK!!!)  It was really cool to watch a lesson in Taiwanese.  My head was just turning back and forth between the two.  Elder Zhuang is a great missionary!
Friday Nov 13, 2015:  
We met with Michael Jackson today....haha!:)  Sorry, no picture of him yet.  I always forget because I am just so mesmerized by his actions.  He is quite the humorous individual.  While we were teaching him, he was playing the Cranberries.  They are some old band (I guess) .  I have never heard of them before.  He was listening to a song called "Ode to My Family" and while he was listening, he had a cigarette in his mouth with his eyes rolled back in the back of his head.  He was shouting out the lyrics to this song by the Cranberries!   I really need to get a picture of this shuaige (Handsome Guy).  We are trying to find out exactly what his true nature is and if he is actually somewhat normal.  I think he actually might be insane, but I love him for it;)
This week was very funny with lots of laughs.  Something that I have learned here in the mission field is to do everything that is in my power.  I was a little down because a lot of our investigators aren't progressing as well as we would like.  I realized that in the end, it really is not up to us.  We do everything we can, and the Lord will do the rest. 
 I love you all!  Have a wonderful week!!
Elder Coletti




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