July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Change is good!

Elder Coletti's Letter 10/9/2016:

Good morning from Taiwan!  How is everyone doing?:)  Today is a really happy day!  This last week was a really good one.  There are lots of changes going on, which is always fun:)  I find that with changes that are occurring on the outside, that is when the biggest improvements are going on inside of us.  If you ain't changing, then you ain't utilizing the Atonement of Christ!  Strive to change;)

I am still here with "my son" Elder Moss in the XinZhuang District.  Elder Lloyd is staying in our area, but he now has brand new missionary, "a son"!  Elder Hooker is his son's name.  And then, the big news!  We are opening another area in the DanFeng ward!  In addition to Elder Moss and myself, they are sending two additional missionaries, Elder Faulk (from Sweden), and Elder Rhoton (A brand new trainee from Utah).  We are so stinking excited for the addition of another companionship here.  The ward has been on fire lately with missionary work, and we feel that another companionship will help double the work here!  It will also help get the members really excited about missionary work!

I want to talk a sec about my incredible companion, Elder Moss.  Watching him grow is so much fun.  Seeing who he was the very first day in the field to who he is now is incredible.  He is a completely different person.  Elder Moss is gaining confidence, and is waxing stronger and stronger in the Lord.  Watching his development is a testimony to me that God does help us.  There are times when we are in sticky situations, or places that we don't feel comfortable. God is always there.  He never leaves us. Sometimes we don't realize how far we have come or how much we have grown.  Sometimes I don't see how much I have changed, until someone else points it out, or says something about it.  I see this in Elder Moss.  His development is from God.  God is transforming him into the person that God wants him to be.  The person God needs him to be. Whenever we are in tough spots, remember that God is there and he is changing us.  Sometimes we just don't realize it.

Conference was amazing this week.  As I was watching, I was overwhelmed with a  feeling that I know this church is true.  We have living prophets, seers, and revelators leading our church today.  I don't know how you all felt while they were talking, but I felt like they had incredible power while they were speaking.  I felt like no matter what they were saying, it was true.  We are so stinking fortunate that God has provided us with such incredible leaders.  Why wouldn't we want to follow such amazing disciples of God?  The biggest thing that stuck out to me, was preparing for Sacrament Meeting.  Sacrament is supposed to be a spiritual experience.  If we aren't feeling something, than we must be doing something wrong!  Prepare for it.  Prepare and expect to receive answers and feel the spirit.  Also, they talked a lot about doing missionary work!  Members are the greatest missionaries.  Don't let an opportunity slip away to change someone's life.  Why does God need to appear when he can manifest his work through us?  We must always confess that Jesus is the Christ.  Keep being missionaries my Brothers and Sisters of God!  God is good!

Love you all!

Elder Coletti

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