July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Accident

Hello to all!  What an incredible week in DanFeng!  This week we saw a lot of progress in the ward.  We have been working with some LA and Investigators, and they are starting to come to church!  It was a really good Sunday seeing people at church and seeing people feel the Spirit.

I have a HUGE miracle to share with you all!  I've already shared the situation with my parents and I have resolved any health concerns.  I am completely fine, but I want to share a little bit about spiritual experiences I've had through this accident

It was about 9 o'clock at night, and we were heading home from LinKou on ShouShanLu.  From XinZhuang to LinKou is a really big hill.  It is by far the biggest hill I have biked up in Taiwan (probably 2-3 miles steep uphill). Elder Moss and myself love biking downhill:)  We were coming down the hill, going about 60 km/m (nearly 40 mph) and we came up on a turn.  All of a sudden, a moped comes out of nowhere and I slam on the brakes fearing I was going to hit it. My front brakes stop pretty well, but the back tire started to come up on the left and wasn't stopping! it ended up tossing me off the bike and I fell on my chest/wrist (spraining my wrists, really sore collar bone, hip, bum and thigh). I bounced and rolled a couple of times into the other lane of traffic. I looked up behind me and saw Elder Moss was now coming at me.....fast!  He ended running over my left shoulder and my left jaw with his bike!   Elder Moss ran over me!!  Why is the son running over the father?!  It was I'm not hurt from Elder Moss running over me.  I promise I am okay, and I know that I am extremely blessed and lucky.

Last week during emails, my parents sent me some really nice letters.  They always do;)  At the end of my Dad's email,  he said to be safe on the bike and that he's praying for my safety. After getting back to the apartment after the accident, I remembered his email and what he had said. It made me chuckle out loud for a second. I realized the power of prayers for missionaries.  My parents mentioned that they were praying for me, especially for my safety.  Lo and behold, I get in an accident that could have been extremely bad.  I could have been hurt a lot worse.  It could have been my last day as a full-time missionary!  But because they said prayers for me, it saved me.  I am still here right now, writing you this email because they prayed for me. Remember to pray for others.  Missionaries need your help.  Friends need your help.  Family needs your help.  Always pray for the safety and comfort of others.  I have first hand witnessed the power of praying for others.  It saved me!

Something else that stood out to me from this experience, was something that I learned in football, but it didn't hit me until this week.  We had a saying in football: "Play Every Play, Like it's Your Last."  Of course in football it made sense.  You never know when it really is your "last play".  You might get injured, or you might be done with competitive football. It never really clicked until this instance. In a matter of seconds, this "play" could have been my last.  I could've been done as a full-time missionary.  However, because of the grace of God, I am still here.  I still have some "plays" in the mission field that I can participate in.  But, I also know how fast the end is approaching.  I also now know how fast the end could have approached. Make every "play" your best.  Don't ever waste an opportunity to make a "play".  God has thrown us into the game.  We never know how long we will be in.  Take advantage of every "play" you are apart of.  Because "What You Do In Life, Echoes Through Eternity" ;)  I have gained a firm testimony of not wasting our time here on Earth.  We must repent and we must become better.  Do not procrastinate.   Before you know it, your going to lose your "play" to do it.

Remember to pray for those you love, and remember to "Play Every Play, Like it's Your Last." 

Elder Coletti

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