July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fourth Floor, Last Door......

Elder Coletti's Letter 10/3/2016

Wow! What an incredible week! The Fourth Floor, Last Door (Uchtdorf)  is real!  Whenever your faith is down, or you feel like nothing is going right, be reassured that God with deliver you.  Don't just hope he will, know he will. Have a firm belief that he will, because God always does.

The week started off really slow.  We had lots of investigators that couldn't meet, or we couldn't find members to help out, or we had investigators who completely rejected the message.  It was getting really discouraging.  From Monday to Saturday is was really tough.  I remember telling Elder Moss that it was going to be alright.  We just needed to keep the faith.  Then we met with an investigator named Peter.  He is 9 years old.  His mom is already a member but she has been less active for awhile.  She's just starting to come back to church and decided to bring Peter with her.  When we started the teaching process, it was really tough.  Peter is nuts.  I don't think I have ever seen him sit down for more than 5 minutes!  He honestly reminds me of myself when I was around his age.  I remember my mom trying to hold down my brother and I when we were children. We were crazy! Love you mom:)  Peter wouldn't listen to the teachings and his mom wasn't sure if baptism was right for him.  She felt like he was too young to choose for himself if he should be baptized or not.  Also, Peter's father hates church.  He doesn't want his son to be baptized, but will let him come to church.  Throughout the teaching process, Peter has gotten better and better.  This Sunday we had a lesson with him, and he remembered everything we have taught him!  I guess he was listening the entire time! Peter remembered all 10 of the 10 commandments!  The mom was flabbergasted!  She told us that Peter is so well behaved now.  He is listening to his mom, and just last week he turned down his teachers offer to give him milk tea, knowing that it was against the Word of Wisdom!  Peter told us that he really wants to be baptized, and his mom also wants him to be baptized.  The only struggle now is the father.  He's not really budging right now.  As we were saying the closing prayer, Peter said, "Heavenly Father, I have a question.  When can I get baptized?  Please help my dad to let me be baptized."  It was the cutest prayer ever.  Peter was awesome this week, which was a huge answer to our prayers.  Please keep Peter in your prayers!  We are shooting to baptize him on the 12th of November.  He's going to make it.

No matter how bad your day feels, realize that God is only testing how truly committed we are to him.  God needs strong disciples to fight against the temptations of the devil!  If we can't take a little bit of discouragement, then how can we face the devils temptations!  Tests of faith are for our benefit.  Peter helped me so much this week.  He helped me realize that God is preparing people.  God is also preparing us.  Who's on the Lord's side?  Choose what team your on, and stay on that team.  Don't switch teams in order to get a bigger salary.  Stay on the team that your going to win the championship.  I love Peter.  I love him because I can see myself in him. I am reading Jesus the Christ and I love Peter the Apostle.  He struggled with staying on the Lord's side at times.  However, when he got to a certain point,  he stood his ground.  Christ left with the church anchored on Peter's foundation.  Through Peter discouragement and mistakes, he became an incredible disciple of Christ.  Are we preparing ourselves to allow Christ to anchor on us?  To trust us?

Be Captained by Christ.  Don't let the winds of misfortune blow you away.  Don't let the waves of struggle pull you down.  Remember your Captain, and remember what he needs from us.  He needs us to be anchors, to hold down the ship from the Satan's tempest.

'How Firm a Foundation' 7th Verse.  Sing it.  Shout it.  Live it.

Elder Coletti

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