July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, October 2, 2016

TWO Baptisms!

Elder Coletti's Letter 10/2/2016:

What an eventful week!  It started off with a REAL typhoon!  My prayers have been answered!;)  There was straight up horizontal rain!  I thought several times that our window was going to shatter! It was awesome and so much fun! :)  However, we were stuck inside all of Tuesday! The highlight of the week was Saturday!

On Saturday we had TWO baptisms!
The first baptism was in the North Zone. On May 20 (I was in DanShui at the time), I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in ShiLin.  We were without bikes, so we walked for a little bit to a place that they had never gone finding.  We start talking to some people, but they were not interested. The one new investigator we found was a 19 year old boy named Zhou Jia Quan (or Adam), but even he wasn't super interested.  He was hanging out with 3 girls, and was pulling the "I'm too cool to talk to ya'll" approach.  He was pretty nice though.  He would laugh at our jokes and he was at least willing to set up for another visit.
Later I went on another exchange with the Zone Leaders (around June).  We start teaching a lesson and I have no clue who this person was that we were teaching.  He looked familiar, but I don't know where I have seen him before.  Then.......in the middle of the lesson, it hits me!  It is that Zhou kid!  After the lesson I look at the Zone Leaders, and ask, "Your still teaching him?!"  They say  "Yes!"   I left the North Zone and came to where I am now in DanFeng.  One random day I get a call from Zhou Jia Quan saying that he is getting baptized!  Conversion is real!  Adam started off not really being interested in listening to our message, but he eventually decided that he wanted to be baptized and obey the commandments of God. He wanted to be cleansed.

Then the second baptism was in DanFeng.;)  Her name is Qiu Yu Ling (or Angela).  She first saw the missionaries around May of this year in a place called MiaoLi.  She was already Christian and thought missionaries were super cool!  She came back to DanFeng (which is where she was living at the time) and met with the previous DanFeng Elders.  After meeting with them, her friends in a different Christian church told her not to keep meeting with the Mormons.  She trusted them and said goodbye to the Elders.  Elder Anderton left and Elder Lloyd and myself were companions for a week.  During that week, we received a call from the NeiHu Elders with a member referral.  Her name was Wang Pei Hua.  We met with her and she was super sweet!  Elder Moss came and our second Sunday together, an Angela walks into sacrament meeting.  I had no clue who she was, but she walked up and said she wanted to meet with me.  Of course I said yes.  The following Wednesday she approached us after English Class and asked what she needed to do to be baptized.
That following Sunday, I ask her why she decided to come back to church. She said she had a friend that said the Mormons are awesome!  She told Angela to go and check them out. I ask her where this investigator that referred Angela lives, trying to see if she wanted to meet with missionaries as well.  Angela says that she lives in LinKou (which is part of our area).  I then asked her what is her friend's last name.  She said  that it was Wang.  I ask her if it is Wang Pei Hua (the sister above).  She screams out loud and says YES!  Wang Pei Hua had met with Elder Lloyd and myself!   She was in contact with Angela and invited her to check out the Mormon church again! Angela was baptized (by Elder Moss!!!!) and she is super, super great!   Once again, conversion is real.  It is never too late to change.  Angela initially stopped investigating the church, but then one day come back all by herself.  She didn't need the missionaries to remind her or ask her or anything!

The work is amazing.  Being on the Lord's errand has changed my life.  I know that we can all change peoples lives.  And while we are changing people's lives, the Lord is changing ours.  What a great deal!;)  Always look for ways to serve.  Everyone deserves a chance to be served. 


Elder Coletti

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