July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Charlotte was baptized!

Elder Coletti's Letter 1/11/2017:

I love the temple!  I was able to go today and had such a wonderful time, time to just reflect on where I have come from, and where I want to go. I love my mission in Taiwan.  I love everything about it!  I love the people, I love the food, I love the country and I love God;)  Life is good!

This week we had a baptism!  Her name is 陳秋燕 (Chen Qiu Yan) or Charlotte.  She was from my last area in DanFeng.  Elder Anderton and I started teaching her.  Elder Moss came and around that time a new rule was introduced that we, Elders, cannot teach single females unless it is a family.  So, Elder Moss and I passed her over to the Sisters. I was then transferred to TaoYuan.  All throughout the teaching process, Charlotte really wanted to become a better person.  She really did.  However, she had a lot of family problems that were holding her back from committing to church, and committing to a baptismal date.  But, she kept meeting with missionaries.  She kept meeting with Elder Moss and I, and she kept meeting with Sisters.  Eventually she started to change.  She started to realize how she was becoming a better person through the gospel.  She started to overcome the family opposition of her coming to church.  6 weeks later (I was in Taoyuan at the time), we received a phone call, saying that Charlotte wanted to get baptized!  It was incredible!  It completely blew my mind!  I hadn't seen her in over 6 weeks and when I left it seemed like she wasn't quite ready.  She had asked me to baptize her, so we went over to see her Saturday night and she was a transformed human being.  She was a completely different person.  It was amazing to see the transformation and it taught me a very valuable lesson about change.  It is never to late to change.  It doesn't matter how stubborn you are, the gospel can change you.  It doesn't matter how hard you are, the gospel can soften you.  I am so happy to have met Charlotte.  She is so much fun to be around and every time I see her, I can't help but smile!  She is a beautiful human being. No matter what your problem is, the gospel can help. You just need to have faith and hope that you can be helped and you will be changed!

Love you fam!  
Elder Coletti

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