July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sandra was baptized!

Elder Coletti's Letter 1/22/17:

Good morning Utah!  What an incredible week in Taiwan.  When I was with Elder Anderton, he always talked to me about how he felt like he was running to the finish line.  He was on his last transfer with me as his companion. He saw that finish line and he was putting everything he had into running through that line.  At the time I understood what he was saying, but it didn't really click until this week.  I realize how little time I truly do have left in the mission field.  That finish line is getting closer and closer in the distance.  I want to do everything within my power to finish through....Not to finish at....But to finish through!

Huge miracle:  So when I was in Tao 4 back in March and April of last year, the Tao 3 Elders (which is where I am at right now) started teaching this mom by the name of 李慕億 (Li Mu Yi).  She was awesome!  She absolutely loved the church and the feeling she would get when she went  She really wanted to get baptized.  However, she was not married to her boyfriend/husband yet and she said that there is no way she could be baptized.  There were too many other problems holding her back.  So after I left Taoyuan, the Elders ended up baptizing her daughter 李珺珺(Li Jun Jun).  When I was transferred back to Taoyuan, one of the first things I did was ask about the mom.  Elder Lin had never heard about her.  That following Monday, I looked up her address and biked over to her house (about a 30 minute bike ride).  I found her, but she was in the same situation.  She still could not get married.  She had too many problems that needed to be solved (money, family, etc.).  However, she had another daughter.  Her name was  呂苡婠 (Lu Yi Wan) or Sandra!  We got the LA investigator mom coming back to church, bringing her other daughter.  Sandra is almost 12 years old, and is extremely shy.  She saw how much her sister had changed when she was baptized.  So....Sandra decided to be baptized!  It was an incredible experience, watching Sandra grow and open up.  She really looked up to her sister, and wanted to become better, just like her sister had since being baptized.  We are still working with the mom.  She is super close!  The desire is there, but getting married is not:)  We have met with the husband... err boyfriend, but he is not super interested.  He does think the church is awesome and he has seen a huge difference in his wife... err girlfriend from it.  Keep praying for the Lu Family.  

I Love you all!

Elder Coletti

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