July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Competitive and Driven

Elder Coletti's Letter 1/15/17
This last week was a lot of fun!  Elder Lin and I went on exchanges every single day, excluding Sunday.  Super busy helping out other missionaries, which has been so much fun!  Ahhh I love it.  We also had interviews with President Jergensen this last week.  He is amazing.  Such a brilliant man.  He told me really good stuff, that I want to share with everybody!  

First off, I was talking to President about when I should start thinking about the post mission.  When I should start thinking about my plans in college, and my plans in life.  He then asked me a couple of questions about what I can and cannot control.  He asked if I can control who I date right now (obviously cannot date as a missionary).  He then asked if I could go to school, and decide what classes I liked, and what I wanted to do for a career.  He then told me, "Elder Coletti, God will not give you revelation for something that you can not do."  I thought about this for a sec.  President was basically saying that at that point in my mission, God wasn't going to give me revelation for 6 months down the road.  Sure He would give me ideas, but He wouldn't give me that clear answer, that definite resolution until I was at that point.  But for the point I am at right now, He wants me to focus on being a missionary.  He wants me to receive revelation to help Him Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts.  That's all.  God is way to smart for us.  And we are way to stupid for him hahaha.  That is what makes God so great.  He takes something so stinking complicated, and makes it so an 8 year old can understand.  So President helped me understand that just rely on God.  God will give me what I need at the time it is needed, at the time I can do it.

President also talked to me about being driven.  He asked me, "What is the difference between being competitive and being driven?"  He then told me that the thing with competition is that there is always a loser.  Now being driven is like being competitive in that you become better.  You look at the person next to you, and you get better in the process.  But the difference between the two is the end result of the person next to you.  Being competitive you try to be better than the person next to you, just to be better.  But being driven is you look at the person next to you, and you are motivated, you are driven to become better.  And in the process of getting better, you bring the person up with you.  You don't get better, just to say you are better than that person, but you get better, just so you can raise them up with you.  So you can both rejoice together.  That's what we are here on earth to do.  To raise eachother.  To help all of our brothers and sisters reach the finish line.  BE DRIVEN.  Driven to finish the work that Christ has started.

Well ya those are some of the stuff President talked to me about.  Such an Inspired man.  I love you all!  Keep pushing.  The pain helps you learn.  But if there's no pain, there's no learning;)

Elder Coletti

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