July 2015-July 2018

July 2015-July 2018

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A trio!

Elder Coletti's Letter 09/25/2016:
Lots of changes going on in DanFeng, err.... now its the XinZhuang District!  So Elder Lloyd's "son" (the other Elder in XinZhuang) had to go home early.  So, now Elder Lloyd is with myself and Elder Moss for the rest of the transfer (about 2 more weeks). It has been pretty fun being in a trio.  A lot different!  

We have had a lot of progression with our investigators.  They are starting to feel the love of God more and more, which is awesome.  I love how no matter how long you teach investigators they can still change.

I love my companions right now.  Elder Moss is killing it! He is learning so much and I am so grateful to be training him.  He is the perfect trainee for me.  We compliment each other really well.  He is very intelligent.  He knows the gospel.  During comp. study he teaches me a lot about the church....haha.  Elder Lloyd is amazing.  He is an incredible teacher.  I feel the spirit all the time when I am with him and he is teaching.  Elder Moss is a lucky duck to be having two very different trainers that excel in two different departments.  Elder Lloyd is teaching Elder Moss how to teach and how to speak Chinese.  I'm teaching Elder Moss how to have fun and how to talk to people.  Elder Moss is going to be something else (At least I think he is!;))

Not a lot of time today to write. Elder Lloyd is having a physical to apply to Westpoint.  So, that's all I've got today!  I want to invite everyone to compliment their spouse or their coworkers or their friends.  Sometimes we need a little boost to keep us going!  Next week will be a special email....!;)  Stay tuned:)

Love you'zzzzzzzzz!!

Elder Coletti

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